3 Ways to Reduce Workplace Accidents

Nearly 5,000 U.S. workers died as a result of workplace injuries in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

By any measure, that number is far too high. We believe that many accidents are preventable. Our business, industrial construction, is traditionally one of the most dangerous. But, our emphasis on personal safety equipment has helped us maintain a stellar record.

Safety is one of Storee’s areas of expertise. We have more than five decades of experience working in industrial and commercial construction and have developed a passion for keeping workers safe.

All companies can take steps to reduce the number of accidents. From training and personal safety equipment to safety upgrades, there are many ways to enhance the wellbeing of your employees.

Changes don’t happen without a plan. Here’s where to begin:

Design and Install Safety Upgrades

The proper design of factories, warehouses and any commercial facility will reduce injuries. Guardrails around machinery, coverings to reduce falls and handrails on stairs and elevated platforms lessen the chance for accidents. Secured storage areas keep materials from sliding or falling.

Something as simple as traffic signs and signals can improve forklift safety and reduce collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. Forklifts with a warning system alert drivers and pedestrians before an accident can happen.

Put Safety Programs in Place

Safety programs help root out dangerous habits and practices. OSHA provides many resources to help develop safety and health plans for workplaces. You can learn how to shrink the costs of worker compensation and create an emergency evacuation plan. Learn more about these resources here.

OSHA’s resources are comprehensive. To use them, designate a safety leader or team responsible for training and implementation. You can also hire an outside contractor to help with safety assessments and factory upgrades.

Develop a Workplace Culture that Values Safety

The best plan will go wrong if your employees don’t buy into it. People must feel empowered to speak up about their safety concerns.

If they know managers and leaders are serious about preventing accidents, they’ll feel comfortable coming forward. If staff believes productivity comes before their health and safety, your program won’t get full participation and may ultimately fail.

Safety meetings and training are for everyone. The entire team needs to participate in education and meetings. That includes individuals from top management to new hires.

You can create incentives for following safety rules. For example, many workplaces track and celebrate milestones of injury-free time periods. Prizes, recognition and acknowledgments keep safety in the forefront of workers’ minds.

Commit to a Safe Workplace

Dangerous workplaces contribute to industrial accidents. You can eliminate many hazards through planning and the promotion of safe work habits. Commit to safety and you’ll see an uptick in employee morale and productivity.

Contact Storee to learn how we help industrial facilities improve safety.