Conveyor systems are critical for the efficient operation of your facility. Slow systems may affect your production and employee productivity, resulting in increased cost and, potentially, late shipments. Conveyor breakdowns can even halt production and ruin your customer relationships.

Improving your facility through better processes, newer equipment, and upgrades to your conveyor layout can save your company money, increase productivity, and keep your operation up-to-date.

Whether you need to move conveyor equipment within your manufacturing plant or want to install a new fully integrated automated system, you need safe and timely installation with realistic cost estimates. This requires working with a conveyor services contractor who not only has experience in conveyor installation and repair, but one who has extensive construction and industry knowledge to fully manage your production improvement needs.

You’ll want to ensure that your contractor will be able to work with your schedule and site requirements for the least amount of business interruption. It’s also important to hire a contractor who will work with you to determine how nearby production areas will be impacted, addressing secondary issues that may create spark containment and safety risk exposure to plant personnel. In addition, construction dust and debris containment is critical, especially in a food processing plant. Quality industrial contractors will install temporary wall structures to seal off the construction areas to allow production to continue nearby without the risk of costly product contamination.

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Storee provides all of these comprehensive conveyor services including complete conveyor installation and repair of all types of equipment, including the following:

  • Palletizer and depalletizer
  • Robotics
  • Gravity
  • Skatewheel
  • Wire mesh belt
  • Cleated belt
  • Chain driven
  • V Belt
  • Line shaft
  • Accumulating
  • Pallet
  • Case
  • Power and free
  • Table top
  • Vibratory
  • Belt
  • Roller

In addition, the Storee metal fabrication team of certified welders will fabricate custom conveyor components to integrate conveyor systems with different manufactured connections for effective transition between two systems, saving you the need to purchase all new conveyor equipment. We also fabricate conveyor equipment guarding to improve worker safety as well as custom fitted platforms, walkways, and crossovers to allow safe worker access to production lines and material handling systems.

The experts at Storee are skilled at solving your structural building constraints, such as supporting columns and walls, to greatly expand the usage, capacity, and product flow of your production and warehouse space.

Structural improvements will also facilitate solutions to other issues, including forklift traffic flow and insufficient material flow input or output capacity. We can handle structural modification requirements for existing conveyor system support and planned conveyor load whether overhead, underground or floor level conveyor installations.

The Storee industrial system installers and millwrights watch for elevation points, pinch points, control points, roadblocks or existing facility obstructions, aisle clearance, production flow, service capacity and maintenance access. Building and personnel safety installations include equipment guarding, personnel guarding, forklift guarding, safety bollards, traffic sensors and safety lighting to address the needs of a heavy industrial facility.

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Storee electrical and mechanical services teams will energize the new systems complete with electrical controls and programming to fully automate production and material handling systems, improve energy usage, and enhance the level of storage, manufacturing, and distribution control available during the production cycle. We provide services for any project scope ranging from the installation of a new, specialized machine for your existing line or reworking or installing a complete production and conveyor system.

By working with you during the planning process, Storee provides value-added solutions to help you more effectively move materials or product through the production and distribution area. Storee has extensive experience serving some of the largest production facilities.

The following examples include just a few of our installations:

  • High-speed robotic systems
  • Multi-level conveying equipment
  • Multiple task production lines
  • Close tolerance equipment
  • Pallet handling systems

Storee provides total automated product handling systems from raw product to finished goods as well as preventive maintenance programs.

With a fully-trained staff of capable and expert trades-people, we ensure the work is completed on time and to quality specifications to meet your goals and get your production system moving. For more information, contact Storee at 888-736-2032.