Improve Efficiency With a Plant or Factory Relocation

Plant relocationPulling up stakes and moving a business isn’t easy. But when a facility doesn’t meet your company’s goals, plant relocation can kickstart productivity.

Moving your facility leads to efficiency and profits down the road, however, getting out of the old place and into the new one is a process that can turn a plant manager’s hair gray.

You’re faced with factory downtime and construction costs, the possibility of budget overruns and the specter of labyrinthian logistics while moving heavy equipment.

Storee Construction has been there. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients as they transition from one site to another.

When you contract with us for a plant relocation, we can’t promise there won’t be challenges. We’ve encountered and conquered construction difficulties of all sorts, but we believe in that old saying, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

Meticulous Planning for Every Stage of Your Project

plant-relocate-16-5Dwight Eisenhower once reflected that plans are useless but planning is indispensable. Storee relocation experts get to know your equipment, goals and production schedules inside and out.

We meticulously research solutions for your challenges. We draft plans for dismantling equipment and reconfiguring a production line.

With thorough preparation, we’re ready to change course in the event of unforeseen circumstances, minimizing the chance for setbacks and increased costs.

Here are a few of the scenarios Storee can handle:

  • New plant construction and equipment moving
  • Integrating two satellite facilities
  • Reconfiguring existing plants
  • Design and build or modify structures
  • Relocate and install equipment and systems
  • Renovate plants before they are listed for sale

Missouri’s Full-Service Industrial Contractor

Storee is a full-service industrial relocation contractor. We’re designers, engineers, metal fabricators and heavy-equipment movers. We’ve been helping Midwest manufacturers and businesses since 1966.

You’ll need just one contractor to handle your move when you partner with Storee. Whether it’s installing conveyors or paint booths, reconfiguring robotics or ventilation, we have the expertise and experience to oversee every aspect of the project.

With one contractor overseeing your relocation, deadlines and details won’t fall through the cracks. You’ll have one project manager taking care of the move, from start to finish.

When you have a question, there’s no need to chase down the responsible party. Simply call your contact at Storee for quick, clear answers. With one contractor and one relocation manager answering to you, miscommunications leading to budget busting delays are all but nil.

One Contractor Devoted to Your Project

Plant relocationWhy is it important to have a single industrial project manager rather than a list of different contractors? Plant relocation is a huge job, requiring a long list of specialists. Storee has the expertise to find solutions for any job that arises during an industrial plant relocation.

Consider this list of our company’s capabilities:

Plant Upgrades

  • Floor renovations and reinforcements
  • Dock renovations and modernization
  • Drainage system improvements
  • Structural limitations and modifications
  • Mechanical system improvements
  • Office construction and rearrangements
  • Roof alterations and water run-off solutions


  • Crane and monorail installations
  • Scheduled production area and equipment transfers
  • Wall installation, relocation and access for production flow
  • Material racking relocation and installation
  • Customized conveyor design and installation


  • High-performance, high-efficiency lighting solutions
  • New or upgraded electrical service
  • Machine electrical controls and automation

As your plant relocation contractor, Storee provides these services and more. Our team’s expertise extends to the installation of production equipment and automated processing systems, industrial ventilation design and factory safety controls. We can customize construction and relocation to your factory’s schedule, minimizing lost production time.

Storee Puts Safety First

Plant relocationOur package of services include ongoing safety evaluations at each stage of your project.

We’ll make sure your new location meets all codes and safety regulations. Upgrades in your plant can improve safety, reducing accidents and the threat of lawsuits.

Safety improvements include:

  • Personnel safety railing, guarding and traffic sensors
  • Safe design parking lots, shipping and receiving access
  • Mezzanine, stairway, and catwalk installations
  • Separation of pedestrian and motorized traffic

No one wants an employee or contractor to get hurt on the job. Worker’s compensation claims drain both finances and morale. Our company goes the extra step to ensure that everyone, your staff and our people, are safe.

Storee personnel complete in-house safety training and stay up to date on OHSA regulations. Rest assured that our company carries the required amount of insurance, for both general liability and specific situations.

Serving Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas

Whether you need your equipment moved to a nearby facility, to another state or across the country, Storee can assist you. Our team studies the architectural and engineering plans for your facility. We’ll recommend the upgrades and modifications that improve your plant’s efficiency, and we’ll come up with a plan that saves money without cutting corners.

Plant relocation and industrial construction go hand in hand. If we’re building a new plan, rest assured your plant’s strength and safety will be more than adequate. If we’re moving you to an existing facility, we’ll make the needed upgrades to ensure your machinery the infrastructure it needs. Your plant will meet all equipment and safety specifications.

Moving an industrial plant will always be a monumental project. It’s one your company wouldn’t consider unless there were major benefits. If you’re looking for experience, reliability and a partner for your project, call Storee today.

For more information about factory relocation services and planning, contact Storee at 888-736-2032.

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