Forklifts are the workhorses of industrial facilities. Also called powered industrial trucks, they move goods, remove objects, and raise and lower pallets and boxes. Commercial sites rely on them for a wide variety of jobs.

Because they are everywhere and used so often, much time and effort have been invested in forklift safety. But accidents happen all too often. OSHA research shows that more than 10 percent of all forklifts are involved in a mishap annually.

Forklifts and Safety Hazards

The type of accident associated with a particular kind of forklift varies according to how it is used, the type of facility and the forklift specifications. For example, high-lift trucks pose a risk of falling load accidents. Retail establishments need to take precautions for pedestrian safety.

Common forklift safety hazards for workers include:

  • Driving a lift off loading docks
  • Falling between a trailer and the dock
  • Getting struck by a lift
  • Falling from an elevated pallet or lift tines

Protecting Workers with Safety Upgrades

Forklift operation is covered by OSHA regulations, with the purpose of protecting operators and the people in the vicinity of the equipment. These rules are complicated, often requiring a safety professional to understand and comply with them.

As useful as OSHA dictates may be, many companies realize that forklift safety guidelines are only a partial solution. Businesses also need to plan and install additional forklift safety upgrades. These can include covering or restricting holes and openings, adding equipment guarding and shutoffs and protecting pedestrian walkways from forklift traffic.

Hiring a safety contractor is one of the most effective methods of ensuring forklift safety and pedestrian safety. It allows the company partner with an experienced safety team with a thorough understanding of the daily environment in an industrial facility.

Partner with Storee, the Forklift Safety Experts

Storee Construction has been helping manufacturing and commercial facilities stay safe since 1966. For decades, our family-owned company has been working to decrease forklift safety hazards.

The team at Storee works closely with you to identify problems and implement solutions. We can provide quick forklift safety tips for operators and answer questions about better ways of handling the vehicles.

The team can design solutions for forklift safety and provide realistic cost and deadline estimates. Storee manages your complete safety upgrade, whether it is a repair, maintenance or installation. Your project is finished on time, with minimal disruption to your production.

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