Cut Metal Fabrication Time and Cost with Detail Planning

 In Industrial Construction

Reduce Steel Fabrication Costs with Excellent Detailed Planning
Meeting the heavy demands of commercial and industrial building construction, the fabricated structural components will vary in size and complexity based on the design and capacity of the building. Once designed by an architect and engineered by licensed structural engineers, it is the metal fabrication team that develops the details of the fabrication plan, submits the plan for engineering approval, and completes all stages of fabrication of the structural building components in preparation for site installation.

The detailing of the building plans into fabrication drawings is critical to the success of the building construction. With careful planning and attention to detail at the fabrication drawing stage, value added solutions or costs savings can be achieved through consultation with the owner of the building. With full coordination with the steel erection team, the fabrication plan can also streamline the installation process saving time and money on building construction methods.

Construction Planning to Meet Critical Milestones

Storee consults with clients and building owners during the planning stage to coordinate the building plans and construction schedule around important production considerations. While the building is still being designed, Storee reviews the project from the client’s perspective using our years of experience completing industrial applications and building construction. Storee works hand in hand with the client’s team and the architects and engineers to fully address the building and production priorities with a plan that will be both cost effective and minimize construction time.

With the building design and site plans in place, the construction schedule must also meet the client’s critical manufacturing milestones. Storee works directly with clients to expedite construction of key areas with a progressive construction plan that will allow the client to move into new or expanded facilities as they become available utilizing all time saving opportunities.

Storee Shortens Fabrication Time to Meet Manufacturing Requirements

For example, Storee recently completed a 63,000 square foot building expansion including multiple manufacturing areas for a large equipment manufacturer. The 8 week delivery time for the pre-engineered metal building components was unacceptable to the client’s production schedule requirements in a key manufacturing area. The Storee solution was to re-engineer the structural plan to fast track fabrication of the structural components shortening the lead time to 10 days. Within the original 8 week lead time, Storee had finished construction of the building and was progressing rapidly with the interior installations to support the expanded manufacturing area. The shortened timeline allowed Storee to meet the client’s critical 14 week production expansion requirement. This progress was possible through Storee’s knowledge of industrial construction, full consultation with the client, and the use of Storee’s own forces to plan, fabricate steel building components, construct the building and complete installation of the manufacturing equipment.

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