Limit Manufacturing Downtime for Production Equipment Installations and Equipment Moving

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Planning and Industrial Skilled Personnel Key to Production Installations and Equipment Moving
Manufacturers investing in plant upgrades must consider the impact to existing production when planning new process improvements. Scheduling work around production shutdowns and completion within expedited construction timelines are essential to successfully coordinate construction to minimize production losses through downtime. Effective communication and implementation of a coordinated construction plan is often where the challenge begins as production needs change and unexpected construction conditions arise.

Plan the Project Schedule to meet Client Specific Priorities

Fine tuning the balance between quality work completions and meeting production timeline challenges, the experienced industrial contractor identifies the client’s priorities and each project’s critical components at the outset. Project planning to meet those requirements must be communicated to the entire project team, often with hour by hour scheduling for critical task completion.

Take for instance a recent Storee production improvement project that included the installation of a hammer mill within an existing production area. The 22,000 pound machine required a reinforced concrete foundation with critical balance specifications. Construction of the foundation and installation of the hammer mill within the existing manufacturing area required the plant to remain out of production while the improvements were completed. To minimize downtime, Storee compressed the project to a 10 day completion period with detailed project task scheduling and a specialized concrete curing process to achieve the required results within limited concrete cure time.


Storee skilled personnel install reinforced industrial equipment foundation to support hammer mill installation in an existing production area

Coordinate Key Project Tasks to Limit Production Interruption

Project scheduling was coordinated within the 10 day window: existing equipment moving to clear the production area, layout and concrete sawing for the new equipment base, interior excavation to required foundation depth, machine specified foundation reinforcement and anchoring system, installation of high-specification concrete with allowance for sufficient concrete cure time, hammer mill equipment installation, and re-installation of existing manufacturing equipment around the upgraded production area. As an added benefit, Storee transported the temporarily relocated production equipment to the plant maintenance area for needed preventative maintenance to take advantage of the scheduled equipment downtime.

Storee Works with Every Client to Achieve the Best Project Results.

Installations or improvements within existing production areas require industrial specific construction considerations to successfully complete the work and limit production interuptions. To avoid costly production delays and project overruns, select an industrial contractor with the industrial construction skills and experience required to complete the project within your operating manufacturing conditions to make sure your production comes back on line as scheduled.

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