Manufacturing Equipment Upgrades and Factory Layout Modifications to Beat the Production Challenges!

 In Industrial Construction

Close to 40,000 new products are introduced in the United States annually. Studies show up to 80% of those new products will fail – many due to failure to manage the production process.

How to Beat the Production Challenges?

Plan your areas:

Inefficiently planned manufacturing areas will derail production output. Recent surveys show that 77% of US manufacturers saw increased profitability though improved production planning. Improvements to streamline the flow of raw materials to finished goods, open access for product distribution or grouping production equipment into consolidated work areas can provide huge production cost savings and increase overall production output.

Experienced start up planning:

New product manufacturing lines can sustain high rates of downtime that can easily eliminate up to 20% of your production capacity. Building an industrial production team that includes experienced production installers during the planning phase will help you avoid many of the production problems from the outset. With a production floor perspective, experienced millwrights and equipment installers will review your manufacturing plans in detail. This will help identify potential pitfalls, highlight saving opportunities and contribute real answers during the planning stage to get your project off to a good start.

Develop a long term approach:

Making the most of your production resources calls for a long term approach. Your production team will need to monitor your systems and implement manufacturing adjustments or improvements to maintain maximum output. Having a trusted industrial production company as part of your long term team is integral to making those critical adjustments as part of normal operations and limit manufacturing downtime. You will also gain direct access to real production solutions developed across a variety of manufacturing applications to help you avoid costly mistakes and delays.

To beat the production challenges that are sure to come, plan from all perspectives before starting your installation, review your product areas for efficient production flow, and develop key production installation relationships critical to maintaining your peak production.

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