Safety Tips for Forklift Elevation

 In Workplace Safety

Before we go into anything, we need to say that we don’t recommend using a forklift as a means for reaching higher areas (such as storage racks or other items out of arms length). Ideally, all construction personnel would use a ladder, as opposed to their forklift.

However, we realize many teams will do this, so we might as well address it. If you use your forklift for elevating personnel, here are some important safety tips:

(also, a note – we are not saying forklifts are a safe method for elevation – just that, if you are using them for that reason, you need to keep these things in mind)

  • The platform needs to have guardrails. Too often an injury occurs from an employee falling over the edge of the platform (also make sure the platform itself is firmly attached)
  • Do not ever leave a person on the platform while unattended. An operator needs to be present, and they also need to be certified in forklift safety
  • Have a guard in place between worker and mast. While workers are elevated, they could potentially brush against harmful objects (like the shear point in a chain).
  • Make sure your hydraulic system was properly engineered. If you have people hopping on the platform, make sure that, in an emergency situation, it does not drop more than 135 feet per minute.
  • Do not move the forklift, especially if the platform is higher than 3 feet. If you must move the forklift, lower the platform and have the worker step down. This is true even if your platform has guardrails – trust us, you don’t want to play around with these.

Take forklift safety seriously

Forklift safety is one of the leading causes of on-site fatalities. These happen for all sorts of reasons, from trucks accidentally being driven off loading docks, trucks falling between docks, or workers being struck by the truck.

This is why Storee Construction places a strong focus on preventing on-site injuries, specifically when it has to do with forklifts. We can come to your site and assess the premises, giving you tips for operators and how to best handle the vehicles.

If you’re interested in a program that’s designed specifically for your facility, give Storee Construction a call at (417) 736-2032. We can also answer any specific questions you have. Our main concern is that your workers are always in the safest situation possible.