Storee Construction has been building, renovating, and adding to industrial and commercial buildings for more than 50 years. During that time, we’ve grown our operation to incorporate all aspects of production and manufacturing facilities. From upgrading the production process itself to moving entire plants, we provide a variety of design-build commercial construction services.

As a design-build firm, Storee Construction handles all project management aspects of a construction job in a single contract. We’ve worked with many large industrial and commercial outfits, across a variety of industries, throughout the Midwest. Put our experience, versatility, and depth of knowledge to work for you.

The Storee Construction design bid build method includes planning, architecture, and construction of every aspect of your new facility. From site evaluations to final walkthroughs, we’ll keep you up to date on where your construction project stands. Once your site needs have been established, we’ll coordinate architectural and engineering services to get an appropriate plan into place.


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Advantages of Design Build Commercial Construction

By having all building services under one roof, a design-build construction company cuts down on miscommunications and conflicting plans. Other benefits include:

  • Single point of responsibility: A design-build commercial construction company assumes responsibility for both the design and construction phases of a project, which simplifies the project.
  • Faster project completion: With a design-build approach, the design and construction phases are planned together, which can shorten the overall project timeline.
  • Cost savings: By having the design and construction teams working together from the start, a design-build commercial construction company can identify potential cost savings and make adjustments.
  • Better communication: With constant communication between the design and construction teams, there is better coordination between all parties involved in the project.
  • Flexibility: Design-build companies can be more flexible in responding to changes or modifications to the project, as they have control over both the design and construction phases.
  • Innovation: Design-build companies are able to bring new ideas, designs, and technologies to the project, which can lead to a more efficient and effective end product.
  • Reduced risk: With a design-build approach, you only have to enter into a single contract. Thich reduces the risk of disputes or delays caused by coordination issues between different contractors.

Single point of responsibility

The design-build method offers a single source of accountability, meaning one company is responsible for both designing and constructing the project. With members of the design-build firm overseeing all aspects of construction, from preconstruction to final completion, you know your projects are being built to exact specifications. There are fewer delays and other issues that arise with multiple contractors.

The team works together to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget, while also taking into account the needs of all stakeholders. Design-builders provide professional guidance throughout the entire process, helping clients make informed decisions and get the most out of their projects.

Faster project completion

With integrated teams, there’s less back and forth between the design and construction stages. This allows projects to reach completion faster than traditional methods, thanks to their streamlined processes and efficient use of resources. You can enjoy the benefits of your project much sooner, as well as any cost savings that come along with it.

Cost savings

By working directly with clients, design builders can identify any potential cost issues during the initial planning stages of construction before they become more expensive problems later on in the process. You also spend less time and money managing contracts, bidding out projects, and tracking progress. In addition, you can expect more cost-effective solutions while still being completed on schedule.

Design-builders also offer value engineering services that help identify potential cost savings as well improve the overall function of the design. This involves looking at different materials and processes that may be used to construct the project and finding ways to reduce costs while still achieving the desired outcome.

Better communication

Design-build firms foster a collaborative working environment that encourages open communication between all members of the team, resulting in better problem-solving and higher-quality workmanship. This allows for greater flexibility during the design phase, as ideas can be exchanged quickly without having to gather all contractors.

Design-builders strive to provide clear and concise communication between all stakeholders from the initial stages through post-construction. This helps to reduce misunderstandings, cuts down miscommunications, and prevents delays. Everyone is on the same page and up-to-date on your project.

Design-builders strive to create a positive customer experience by providing complete transparency throughout the entire construction process. You can rest assured knowing you will be informed of any changes, delays, or cost implications in a timely manner and that your design-build project is being managed professionally and efficiently.


Design-build firms provide greater flexibility in the design and construction process. They are able to quickly adapt to changes as needed and make adjustments if necessary, without sacrificing quality or exceeding budgets. This makes them ideal for projects that require modifications or where there is a need for innovative solutions.


Because design-builder teams are able to customize each project according to your unique needs and preferences, there’s greater freedom for creative problem-solving. There are also faster turnaround times compared to traditional methods where architects and engineers work independently from the general contractor performing construction work onsite.

Reduced risk

Design-build companies are responsible for cost overruns and project delays, so you have greater peace of mind knowing their projects are managed by a single source. This reduces the risks associated with working with multiple contractors and makes sure that quality standards are met throughout the entire process.

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Work With an Experienced Design Build Commercial Construction Company

These are just a few of the many benefits of the design-build process. From start to finish, Storee Construction is dedicated to helping you achieve your project goals while also adhering to budgets and timelines. You can be sure that your projects will be completed and meet your expectations.

Whether you’re building a new facility or updating your existing plant, Storee Construction design-build teams declutter the process and provide clear and transparent plans. We have decades of experience in all phases of design and construction and can make recommendations to improve productivity.

Storee Construction considers all aspects of the job, from loading docks to heavy equipment to the workflow on the work floor. We also handle electrical, HVAC, and other infrastructure upgrades that make your facility safer and more efficient. If you have questions about your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing building, we have the answers.

To find out more about us, meet our staff, or to request your free priority assessment, contact us at 888-736-2032.