When a worker becomes sick or gets injured, your company feels the effect. The lost time translates into reduced productivity. If a workplace hazard was at the root of the health problem, the authorities could sanction or fine your company. Your business could become the target of a lawsuit.

Facility safety is a major industrial and commercial issue. Every year more than 690,000 workers in the manufacturing sector suffer an illness or injury on the job. The monetary cost adds up to more than $156 billion.


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Upgrade Facility Safety

Implementing plant safety management procedures can ensure the health and security of your employees. It will save you money, reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Without safety measures, the hazards that lurk in your facility may contaminate products. They could pose health risks for customers and increase the possibility of lawsuits or even criminal charges.

When safety comes first, you can feel confident that you’re doing all you can to safeguard employees and customers. You decrease the chance of litigation and non-compliance fines, and you stand to save thousands of dollars.

Where to Look for Safety Problems

Potential safety risks can show up anywhere. They could be in the ventilation, electrical, and waste management systems. Exposure to equipment may be dangerous.

Eight of the most common safety hazards can be addressed with the following upgrades:

  • Protect workers in elevated areas by installing guardrails and handrails.
  • Keep workers safe from moving parts and equipment by adding catwalks, ladders and crossovers.
  • Guard against accidents by adding safety shut-offs and equipment guarding.
  • Reduce falls by covering holes and openings.
  • Protect pedestrian walkways from industrial traffic and spills.
  • Keep people safe by insisting on the regular use of fall protection devices.
  • Eliminate sanitation problems with stainless steel trench drains, doors, catwalks, stairs and platforms.
  • Add flooring upgrades that are acid proof and made with microbiological control materials.

Storee, the Safety Experts

Storee Construction is well versed in safety methods. We understand all types of industrial and commercial facilities because we design and build them.

With Storee as your plant safety contractor, your facility safety management procedures are in experienced hands. Our experts analyze your structure, pinpoint risks and come up with a realistic cost estimate. Storee workers will add facility safety upgrades without interfering with your production schedule.

Call the professionals at Storee Construction today for a free priority assessment. 888-736-2032.

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