The time may come when you notice your manufacturing business has outgrown your facility. This may mean a facility expansion or new construction to improve infrastructure or modify production areas. Perhaps even a complete plant relocation will be necessary. In any of these events, it is crucial to ensure the safe relocation of your valuable production machinery. Whether you’re transporting existing or brand new industrial equipment, it is important to select an experienced heavy equipment mover for the job so that your industrial machinery is safely transported, relocated, and installed.


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There are many reasons why moving and rigging heavy equipment can be complex and may often present extra challenges for any business. Facilities are complex structures that contain many intricate systems, moving parts, and heavy machinery. Moving any of these parts without proper planning or expertise can be disastrous. In order to prepare for facility relocation, new facility construction or retrofitting, there are many issues to consider. The following potential issues are examples of situations to be aware of:

  • Modifications: New equipment and conveyor configurations may need on-site modifications for full installation even in new machinery installations.
  • Customizations: Established manufacturing facilities may be challenged when consolidating existing equipment from multiple locations due to needed customizations and constraints in the existing building structure.
  • Installation: Manufacturer differences in production equipment, conveyor connections, and system controls may create installation issues.
  • Equipment damage: Damage to production equipment may occur during the dismantling phase if industrial equipment movers are not familiar with your business or do not have the required expertise.
  • Delays: Equipment installations may be delayed if machine movers do not install equipment promptly, causing excessive downtime.
  • Hidden fees: Some firms may charge hidden fees, such as extra travel costs, which can be avoided by selecting a firm with a proven track record for speed and successful installation.

Storee Construction has the tools and experienced personnel to offer complete project management of your equipment move. As your partner in heavy equipment moving, the expertise of our machine movers during your equipment relocation is critical to avoiding downtime, damaged equipment, or costly over-charges. As your professional equipment mover, Storee can also provide equipment modification and improvement services to adapt your machines to the new site. Using a professional equipment moving firm like Storee that offers both construction capability as well as heavy moving and installation experience with the ability to complete all conveyor connections and system controls, will ensure production continuity and the best results.


Even with the best planning, sometimes things don’t go as planned. In the event of a delay or gap in your schedule between moving and installation, you will need to partner with a trusted equipment mover who can guarantee safe storage for your machinery. As your provider of professional moving solutions, Storee can offer this peace of mind to provide temporary secure storage for your valuable equipment.


Your production installation team should have full facility contractor capabilities who will provide ongoing industrial support. Storee is your production equipment installation contractor with strong client references. We offer a site visit to a recent project for you to gain insight and see for yourself first-hand. There you will get a preview of our knowledge and commitment to the successful installation of your production equipment relocation as well as our ability to handle all of your future upgrade requirements.


Storee will use the same level of care and expertise to relocate your production equipment short moves across town or longer moves across the country. No matter the distance of your move, we can provide complete design and installation of production systems from concept to optimum output. With the ability to adapt equipment to your new site or complete structural modifications to improve utilization of an existing facility, we ensure the most creative solutions for all industrial applications. In addition to equipment moving services anywhere in the nation, we are able to provide new or upgraded electrical services, program and install production equipment controls, complete building modification and reinforcements, complete mechanical installations or improvements, and other necessary construction services to streamline your equipment or production system installation. The Storee team of certified rigging, crane and forklift operators is fully trained to handle your equipment moves. Safety of the equipment and safety of all site personnel is always a top priority and carefully managed in every equipment move and installation.


Our years of equipment moving experience within industrial facilities has also trained us to look for the most cost-effective approach that will limit the impact to existing production areas and often requires the use of compact hoisting and rigging equipment. The ability to remove and install equipment within limited aisle and building clearance not only saves manufacturing downtime, it also significantly decreases the overall project costs by reducing the amount of building and existing equipment modifications necessary to gain access for the new equipment. Storee can complete all of your equipment moving needs with full-service capabilities including the following:

  • Compact hoisting and heavy rigging equipment capacity from 3,000 to 60,000 pounds
  • Jacking system up to 300 tons
  • Dollie system up to 200 tons
  • Crane hoist capacity up to 210 tons
  • Heavy equipment transport within Springfield or across Missouri or anywhere in the nation
  • Dismantle, crate, transport, reassemble and position single piece equipment or entire production areas
  • Set, anchor, and install electrical and mechanical connections to fully complete equipment installation


As a leader in industrial construction services, Storee’s expert equipment movers complete relocations quickly, providing extra time efficiency and cost savings. They will work with you to avoid schedule delays and meet your production deadline goals. In order to keep vital production running, industrial equipment can be moved in stages. Through advanced critical path preparation, our teams can quickly move and install equipment as well as complete any required upgrades to your industrial systems.


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