Moving heavy equipment? Planning the who, what, when, where and how

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Moving heavy equipment for a manufacturing plant relocation requires precise planning. Not only is manufacturing equipment heavy and dangerous with the potential to cause injury or loss of life, but it should also be handled with care as one of a company’s greatest capital assets. A good machinery mover will consider everything about your equipment relocation in order to move your heavy equipment without damage or injuries.

Where is the equipment moving?

First of all, a machinery mover should take the time to study the layout. A layout will tell a machinery mover things like where products will be stored in the warehouse and where the conveyors will be. The machinery mover may also be able to provide expert guidance on creating a new or upgraded facility layout for better efficiency, if necessary.

What equipment will you be moving?

Prior to a move is a great time to take inventory to determine what you actually need. This will prevent extra costs and time that can accrue while moving unnecessary materials and equipment that could be sold or scrapped instead. Once you’ve determined what you’re moving, that is a good time to make an inventory list. This helps to keep track of your company’s valuable assets while they are en route between locations.

When will the equipment need to be moved?

Unlike a residential move, a manufacturing plant move doesn’t happen in one day or over a weekend. To avoid production downtimes, machinery usually has to be moved in stages in order to keep some plant operations running. Setting a schedule to stagger the move of machinery between locations is essential to achieve the least possible disruptions to productivity.

How will your equipment be moved?

Safely moving heavy machinery without damage or injury goes beyond just rigging. Some manufacturing equipment is sensitive to exposure to the elements. And no manufacturer wants their equipment damaged in transit by vibrations or banged up by contact with other equipment. A professional machinery mover knows the importance of industrial packaging and how to design and build custom containers and boxes to protect manufacturing machinery during the equipment relocation.

Who should move your equipment?

As a leader in industrial construction, Storee’s expert equipment movers will move your equipment safely and efficiently. Their teams work to avoid delays and meet your production goals. In order to keep vital production running, equipment can be moved in stages. Through advanced critical path preparation, Storee teams can quickly move and install equipment as well as complete any required upgrades to your industrial systems.