Why Worry About Heavy Equipment Safety?

Heavy equipment is essential for commercial and industrial concerns. Keeping drivers and other employees protected requires identifying potential hazards, instituting heavy equipment safety training, having personal protective equipment on hand and establishing and enforcing safety measures.

Training and appropriate precautions reduce the risk of injury and illness for workers. When workers are in accidents or come in contact with contaminants, they need time off, which has a ripple effect on productivity.


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The law requires employers to keep the work environment safe. If companies don’t follow government regulations, they can be fined and sued. Defense against a lawsuit or paying a penalty costs businesses thousands of dollars each year.

When you choose the proactive approach to heavy equipment safety training and improvements, you reap peace of mind. You can also potentially save your company a lot of money.

OSHA estimates that for every $1 you spend on safety, you get a return of $1.90 in savings on your manufacturing expenses. Over time, those savings add up. Moreover, with attention to safety, you’re protecting your most valuable asset: the health and happiness of your workers.

The Complex World of Heavy Equipment Safety

Safe heavy equipment operation is complicated. OSHA provides employers with an activity sheet overview, listing recommendations, hazards, medical needs and training suggestions. It is long and detailed, yet it covers only general ideas.

OSHA advises that you use this activity sheet in conjunction with other activity sheets covering specific tasks. Each industry has different risks that an employer will need to address.

Make your job of protecting the workplace easier by hiring a heavy equipment safety training expert. Many industrial companies partner with Storee Construction. We have a long history of safety. We’ve been in a commercial and industrial construction contractor since 1966. Safety is one of our top priorities.

Storee Construction: Our History of Safety

The experts on staff have hands-on experience with heavy equipment and with industrial environments. They can offer heavy equipment safety tips that are immediately useful for your company’s operators.

Because they know the field and the equipment, they can design a heavy equipment safety training program customized for your business, employees and facility. We understand your environment and know how to communicate important safety guidelines. The result is a safety program that addresses your needs and is ready to be put into action quickly.

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