Industrial electrical systems are an integral part of any production facility. When your systems become obsolete, defective, or no-longer cost-effective, it’s time to turn to an industrial electrical contractor with industrial electrical experience for up-to-date improvement options. You’ll also need to plan for new electrical solutions when you upgrade your plant or equipment to support increased electrical demands.

Industrial electrical upgrades that provide energy improvements can significantly decrease your utility costs and save a big part of your operating budget. Factories use a huge amount of energy. Research shows that manufacturing consumes more than 1,000 times as much energy as other industries. This level of energy consumption provides quick payback periods for electrical upgrades costs. Electrical improvements also add to the value of the facility with a reported average that for every dollar invested in energy efficiency, the asset value increases by three dollars.


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With today’s complex networks of high-end industrial electrical installations, it’s important that your electrical systems and industrial controls provide the most efficiency while being as cost-effective as possible. Quality electrical contractors will work with you to minimize downtime, facilitate repair and maintenance, upgrade systems to work with new equipment installations and improve environmental impacts by converting to green energy. Improved lighting systems increase employee productivity, help manage energy costs, maintain a secure environment, and prevent injuries.

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Unlike most industrial electrical contractors, the Storee electrical team is able to provide comprehensive electrical and construction services from one source. That allows us to coordinate all work to minimally impact operations and production and integrate with other construction or improvements performed at your facility.

Choosing a company like Storee that has an extensive background in not only industrial electrical services, but in everything from commercial construction to plant relocation, means you’re getting a company that understands your projects needs from a variety of angles. The recommendations we make provide a better end result for your entire team.


The Storee electrical, construction, fabrication, and equipment moving teams work together to streamline the completion of your total project. This combined team approach is not only more cost effective for our clients, it also significantly decreases client project stress as Storee handles the project communications and priority scheduling, proactively deals with contingencies and controls overall project quality

Our licensed electricians have years of expertise and experience in the installation of new services, panel controls, automation and lighting systems with certification in programmable logic controllers and industrial motor controls. Storee electrical is qualified to complete all industrial or commercial electrical services including the following:

Industrial Electrical Distribution

  • Electrical system design
  • Transformer installation
  • New panel installation
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installation
  • Service panels
  • Power monitoring
  • Generators
  • Electrical switch gear installation
  • Buss way design and installation

Programmable logic controller installations

  • Installation and programming
  • Retrofit and PLC upgrades
  • Process controls
  • Silo level controls
  • HMI controls

Industrial control technicians

  • Variable frequency drive installation
  • Panel building
  • PLC upgrades to machines
  • Industrial machine wiring
  • Machine guarding controls
  • Troubleshooting of machine controls
  • Integration with safety controls
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) installation, programming and troubleshooting

Preventative Maintenance

  • Thermal imaging
  • Transformer oil sample testing
  • Switch gear cleaning and testing
  • Power distribution cleaning and testing

Conduit installation

  • Rigid up to 4
  • PVC coated rigid

Electrical safety

  • Machine guarding
  • Electrical system assessment
  • Arc flash assessment
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter installation

Data line installations

  • Communication and data wiring
  • Cat 5, Cat 6 installation
  • Fiber optic installation and termination
  • Network racking
  • Fire alarm installations

Lighting Installations

  • Lighting design and installation
  • Industrial hi-bay lighting, florescent and LED
  • Lighting audit and design
  • Lighting rebate program assistance
  • Motion sensor and lighting controls
  • Emergency lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Parking lot lighting and bulb replacement

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