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With increased coordination between trades, changing requirements, and the need for cost containment, selecting an excellent general facilities contractor is more important than ever. An experienced general contracting firm will save your company money and resources while protecting you from implementation and communication delays, overruns, design mistakes, rework, and material delays; all issues that can seriously impact your projects and profitability.

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Choosing the right facilities contractor not only ensures that your requirements, vision, and schedule will be met, you will also be able to establish a trusting partnership that will allow more flexibility and innovation. Selecting a facilities contractor that will partner with you at the outset to help identify, design, plan, manage and implement all facets of building manufacturing, project management, and process improvements will build the capabilities you need to quickly respond to your customers needs.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Select a contractor who can partner with you early in the process – Today’s international business environment requires specific, customized solutions based on a thorough knowledge of your business goals, manufacturing and production processes, cross-functional product design, and equipment to provide cost-saving development methods and new construction applications. You’ll need a general contractor who will be involved in project designs, system interactions, large-scale manufacturing, and automation techniques.
  2. Choose a contractor with the capability to build connections between subcontractors and material suppliers – this will streamline interactions and build consolidation and collaboration. Multiple interactions with subcontractors can slow down the process. Involving all participants earlier in the design/build process is critical to eliminating barriers and creating advanced construction techniques, reducing delays.
  3. Selecting a large national contractor is not always in your best interest – it actually depends on the team that is assigned to your account. You may wind up with a junior crew. By choosing a top-notch regional firm, you will have access to the entire range of services, with personal attention from management as well as each facet of the company. You can be sure that the team working with you will be the best available.
  4. Choose a contractor who can manage unforeseen issues – this will reduce contracting costs as well as financial risks. Identifying the bottlenecks and limitations that decrease production time, material flow, and plant optimization can mean the difference between success and failure.

Storee has a reputation for excellent communication and employs advanced process improvement to increase plant efficiency, capacity, automation, and infrastructure. We self-perform multiple trades and provide full service sub-contractor management for facilities, improvement projects and 24-hour emergency repairs. This includes construction, production installations, building infrastructure, mechanical services, process piping, electrical installations, conveyor repairs, millwright services, equipment moving, production equipment upgrades, structural steel fabrication, and other services.

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