Commercial construction

Because communication is critical during every phase of commercial construction, Storee keeps you consistently informed on costs, timelines and scope of work. We have a wide range of experience in handling commercial projects and are confident that we can meet project goals, coordinate architecture and engineering needs, and be a strong partner with you as we get this project off the ground. We are a detail-oriented group, and will ensure that every detail has been accounted for when dealing with timeline and cost projections.   

Metal fabrication

Incorporating custom metal fabrication into your projects is an effective to ensure that you have everything you need to get the job done right. Storee works to minimize disruption by installing production-area components in various stages and builds around your schedule so that productivity remains at its optimal level. From carbon to aluminum and stainless steel, our metal fabrication process provides materials that are unmatched in the Midwest.

Equipment moving

Equipment moving can be a stressful and potentially damaging process with the wrong contractor. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your equipment is handled safely and efficiently to save you on necessary moving costs. In addition, Storee is committed to following through proper installation at the new site and covering any upgrade requirements, including controls and connections, that may arise at the new location.

Electrical services

Our fabrication, electrical, and construction teams collaborate together to streamline your project and improve ongoing communication to ensure we’re always on the same page. Because we handle project communications and any contingencies, our clients experience significantly less stress and can focus on other matters that demand their attention. From installing panel controls to implementing programmable logic controllers and industrial motor controls, our electrical teams have the industry knowledge to identify the best course of action that gets your plant up and running.  

Conveyor installation

Updating your conveyor is a worthy investment that works to make processes more efficient and provides a strong return on saved time and money. Conveyors keep materials moving without the need for employees to handle products which only works to cut down on production time and save you money in labor costs and time spent.

Plant relocation

Relocating a plant is anything but easy. That being said, it’s a necessary task when the current plant is failing to meet production demands or is causing expensive delays. Storee handles a range of needs involved with the plant relocation process, including modifying existing structures, integrating multiple satellite facilities, installing equipment and systems, and renovating plants before they go up for sale.

Production upgrades

In order to stay relevant and competitive in an ever-evolving industry, investing in production upgrades is the way forward. From building modification to equipment installation and a range of utility upgrades, you can ensure the viability of your plant for long term growth and expansion. When working with Storee, your upgraded facility will have quicker response times to demand fluctuations, production interruptions and changing production requirements.  

Building construction

When it comes to planning and executing major construction projects, strong communication is the key to success. Because Storee handles all levels of a project, there’s no dealing with multiple contractors or frustrating lapses in communication. We’re proud of our ability to collaborate with range of teams and manage each phase of a project with effective communication so there’s no surprise costs or setbacks.