A manufacturing plant operating at its ideal efficiency is almost like a work of art as all the production processes flow in perfect synch. It almost appears effortless. However, commercial manufacturers understand the complexity of the operations within their facilities. They know the layout of their facility, its equipment, and operation schedules are all crucial factors in achieving maximum daily output. They also know that this puzzle of complex operations must continue seamlessly. Downtime due to equipment breakdowns, infrastructure damage, spills, and accidents are costly and pose a threat to the long term success of a business.

Storee Construction fully understands all of this. As a trusted partner for commercial manufacturers, Storee knows each facility’s needs and requirements for continuous operation. Instead of juggling different contractors for specific needs, Storee offers a single, streamlined approach for the full scope of industrial solutions required for a successful manufacturing plant. This is what makes Storee a great industry partner.


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With markets continually changing and evolving, manufacturers must remain flexible to adapt their facilities to new technology and products. Storee knows this can mean updating systems with current technology or equipment. And since operations with facilities are so complex, installing new equipment can require significant modifications to building infrastructure, production layout, and material handling processes. A manufacturer may even need to consult Storee’s design-build services to expand operations to include brand new infrastructure. When the production areas of a growing business require relocation or modifications, equipment will need to be safely transported, relocated, installation, or retrofitted.


The infrastructure and many moving and non-moving parts within a manufacturing facility are vulnerable to damage or failure. A door or wall can take one too many hits from a forklift. A conveyor belt can suddenly go off track. A broken door or wall tear down can be more than just an inconvenience. For some manufacturers, this can be a detriment to their entire business if they are handling products that must be kept within a specific temperature range. A broken conveyor belt can stop operations entirely and jeopardize a manufacturer’s production deadline unless they can get a swift repair. These are just examples of the many emergencies can happen inside a manufacturing facility. Storee has the capability and experience to provide prompt reactive solutions in emergencies to get a manufacturer’s production operations back online.


Instead of reacting to one emergency repair after another, manufacturers should call on the experts at Storee to assess their facilities for preventative maintenance and building modifications. The door or wall that took too many hits from the forklift may need more than just repair. A new layout of the production floor may be necessary to prevent a repeat of the same repair. Storee can recommend redesigns to your factory layouts to not only prevent accidents but to increase effectiveness and save labor costs. The conveyor that went off track may need to be replaced or updated. The certified welders on Storee’s metal fabrication team can customize conveyors as well as join existing systems to new ones with connections to provide a smooth transition from the existing equipment to the new equipment.

Storee Construction: A Trusted Partner for Industrial Solutions
Storee has provided industrial solutions for many large companies on an ongoing basis for up to a 40-year span. Our goal is to help our manufacturing clients achieve maximum production payback. We minimize disruption by coordinating all on-site work. With long-term client relationships and our wide range of services, we are ready to manage any issue and offer 24-hour emergency response. Contact Storee to take advantage of our industrial services including custom product applications and strategic planning.

Storee Construction is located in Springfield, Missouri and performs work across the nation. The company provides industrial and commercial construction as well as electrical services and equipment moving and installations.

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