Facilities Contractor

The success of a business depends on the proper management of its facility or facilities. Large facilities can be complex with many building systems to manage. There are many excellent, qualified building services suppliers who can handle each of the specialized systems of commercial and industrial buildings. However, building services suppliers are usually limited by their specialty areas, so multiple building services suppliers are needed to respond to the maintenance service needs of each system.  A contractor who offers only one or two services may not have the required skills to meet all of the requirements for your facility. Hiring different building services contractors to handle your construction modifications and repairs, and service your production conveyor systems on an ad hoc basis may require training or extensive facilitation to make sure your specific needs are met. This not only becomes a burden for your procurement and management staff; it can cost you significantly through increased costs, downtime, overcharges, poor results, and lack of integration.

Facility Management Contractor

Hiring a facility management contractor to oversee all facility management services is a one-stop solution for streamlined, integrated maintenance, construction and building services for large industrial facilities. A good facility contractor will establish a continuing relationship with you as a partner, not just for as long as the repair or upgrade project lasts. Your facility management contractor should make the investment of time and resources to understand your building systems, safety requirements, maintenance issues, industry equipment, production flow, and other elements key to the success of your business. Through total integration, facility contractors are able to make preventative and reactive maintenance recommendations and play a proactive role, potentially saving thousands of dollars through improved production efficiency, safety and prevention planning, equipment and construction upgrades, and facility maintenance. With extensive knowledge of your facility and equipment, your facilities contractor can quickly respond, identify and correct all manufacturing, distribution, and commercial issues.

A quality facilities contractor works with you to achieve maximum production payback, coordinate all on-site work to minimize disruption, recommend redesigns to your factory layouts to increase effectiveness and save labor costs, and provide all qualified construction and building service personnel.

You’ll need to find a facility management contractor that provides a wide range of building systems capabilities, including construction, electrical maintenance, equipment moving, conveyor repairs and other key facility management services.

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Our Building Services Capabilities

Storee Construction, a commercial construction company, has served as the facilities contractor to provide management services for many large manufacturing, distribution, and commercial companies over as much as a 40-year span. Because we are able to provide the widest range of facility management services, we can remain on-site to manage any building system issue and offer 24-hour emergency reactive maintenance response. You may take advantage of our custom services, including custom product applications and strategic planning.

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Factory safety control services
  • Full-service industrial construction
  • Conveyor installation and maintenance
  • Equipment relocation and installation
  • Manufacturing plant relocation
  • Electrical installations and industrial controls
  • Electrical maintenance and upgrades
  • Production equipment upgrades
  • Structural steel fabrication and reinforcement
  • Crane rail and monorail installation and repair
  • Custom catwalks, stairways and equipment platforms
  • Wall penetrations and new door installations
  • Stainless steel door frame replacements
  • Dock equipment service and upgrades
  • Safety bollards and guardrails
  • Forklift and pedestrian traffic safety sensors

This wide range of facility management services allows us to organize and manage all building services solutions together, keeping costs down, streamlining your operations, and ensuring complete system integration.


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Your Facility Management Partner

We work with you as a true partner to maximize your manufacturing, distribution, and commercial output to increase your competitive advantage. We coordinate the entire facility management process and provide frequent and effective communication to manage your ongoing facility needs for quick results.

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As your facilities contractor, Storee will control costs and provide multiple industry capabilities. Because Storee manages all elements of the project, there is no need to hire several contractors and try to coordinate between them. Storee personnel will be trained in your specific plant safety rules and guidelines to provide a safe construction area and comply with your industry safety requirements. We also understand the importance of limiting production downtime and minimizing manufacturing disturbances to operating production areas. Storee Construction will respond quickly to make sure your plant stays up and running due to our commitment to preventative and reactive maintenance, and our promise of continuous partnership for the duration of the facility management contract.

Storee Construction is located in Springfield, Missouri and performs work across the nation. The company provides industrial and commercial construction as well as electrical services and equipment moving and installations.

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