With rising costs and increasing competition, today’s manufacturers must employ the latest technology and production methods. This requires new or upgraded facilities, machinery modifications, updated construction installation equipment, efficient processes, building renovations, enhanced safety, an improved process plant layout, and other improvements.

Whether you need an electrical service upgrade, a new conveyor installation, or entire plant relocation, without state-of-the art improvements you risk your competitive edge. However, you may also risk downtime, over charges, and poor quality if you use poor construction services that may subject your company to loss, hazards, or delays.

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Finding a trusted solution provider who can manage all of your construction needs should be a top priority. It’s much easier to work with one partner who knows your challenges and goals rather than contract work out in a piecemeal fashion. Using a contractor with all upgrade capabilities and expertise allows full project integration, resulting in streamlined operations, safe and efficient enhancements, and assurance that your project is both cost effective and completed with consistent high quality.

Storee has a reputation for developing long-term relationships with clients, serving as a trusted solution provider with the experience to tackle difficult jobs and reduce costs. We provide the entire range of construction services required to complete any project.

Our capabilities include the following:

We can assess your product flow, suggest layout improvements, and relocate equipment to improve process plant layout efficiency or accommodate new machinery installations.

With our electrical service upgrade expertise, we are able to install high-efficiency lighting systems to meet usage specifications, improving your plant’s lighting performance and energy savings potential. With Storee installation of the latest in industrial electrical controls, you can manage energy costs, maintain a safe environment and improve production efficiency.

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Storee will also review building access, dock equipment, and distribution areas for efficiency and safety, or redesign your ventilation systems to reduce contamination and improve comfort. Our equipment moving and plant start-up services are unique for precision, planning, and speed, and will bring your plant into full production quickly.

With a high level of skill and experience, Storee will help you get the most from your new industrial facility construction, warehouse building addition, building upgrade, structural modification, or repair. We can expand your production, storage or office areas into newly created mezzanine space increasing facility capacity without enlarging the exterior structure. The construction possibilities are endless and the Storee team will work through every detail to design and construct the specific solution to meet your project goals. Because we manage every detail, you are able to concentrate on other business challenges. We keep you abreast of every development with comprehensive communication and quick response for a complete turnkey project.

Whether your project is large or small, the Storee team will work with you to keep your productivity up and your costs down. Contact us at 888-736-2032 to discuss your needs and improvement goals.