Conveyor Installation Improves Productivity

A conveyor is an efficient way to move things from one area to another. These smooth-running systems are at the forefront of materials handling.

Whether your business is soda pop or ships, oil or ore, a conveyor system keeps your productivity rolling on down the line.

The success of conveyors relies on careful planning, expert installation and regular maintenance. Storee Construction designs, installs and repairs conveyor systems in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and beyond.

A History of Success

Since 1966, Storee has worked in commercial construction, focusing on industrial plants and factories.  Manufacturing is the backbone of the Midwest. We’re proud to contribute to the success of industries in our region.

Modern conveyors debuted in the late 1800s giving coal miners a less labor-intensive way to move ore. By 1913, conveyors found their calling when Henry Ford used them to create the modern production line.

Today, the combination of conveyors, computers and robots are the ultimate in automation and efficiency. Storee is at the forefront of providing modern conveyor systems to our industrial partners.


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Core Strengths of Conveyors

Applications for conveyor systems are diverse. As automation evolves, the need for conveyors will no doubt increase. At their core, these systems deliver three essential benefits.

It doesn’t matter if the setup is complicated or simple, here’s what well-designed conveyors do for your business:

  1. Save Space: Conveyors make the most of factory space. Companies often install a conveyor when production expands or changes. A conveyor can twist and turn, travel over several floors and work in multiple lines and tiers. An overhead conveyor takes advantage of space that might otherwise go unused.
  2. Save Time: When an employee handles an item, it slows production. A conveyor speeds throughput by keeping materials moving. It reduces the need for manual tasks. With the right design, a conveyor can decrease the number of touches and potentially reduce labor for your employees.
  3. Save Money: Saving space and time equates with saving money. If you use space efficiently, you can expand without relocating. With faster production, you can take on more work and explore opportunities. The efficiency of conveyors may reduce the cost maintenance, energy and equipment.

When Is It Time to Upgrade a Conveyor System?

Slow systems hurt production. They increase costs, delay shipments and endanger deadlines. Conveyor breakdowns halt work and may throw a wrench into your customer relationships.

Improving your facility by upgrading or replacing your conveyor enhances processes and saves money. With increased productivity, you could quickly recover your investment and improve your company’s bottom line.

Whether you want to reconfigure equipment or install an automated system, you need an experienced conveyor services contractor.

Move Forward With a Midwest Industrial Construction Contractor

Storee Construction has extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and conveyor systems. We’ll work with you to minimize disruptions, respecting your schedule and site requirements.

Upgrading a plant creates the risk of contamination. Dust, debris and sparks threaten your products. Our crew will install temporary walls and barriers to seal construction zones.

In many cases, your facility can continue operations as our team works. Even in food plants, where sanitation is critical, we can control the hazards of construction.

We’re committed to keeping your people, property and products safe.

Learn more about our team’s safety training.

Full-Service Conveyor Installation and Repair

Storee provides these comprehensive conveyor services. We offer complete conveyor installation and repair, including the following:

  • Palletizer and depalletizer
  • Robotics
  • Gravity
  • Skatewheel
  • Wire mesh belt
  • Cleated belt
  • Chain driven
  • V Belt
  • Line shaft
  • Accumulating
  • Pallet
  • Case
  • Power and free
  • Table top
  • Vibratory
  • Belt
  • Roller

Storee’s metal fabrication team can customize the components of your conveyor. Certified welders join existing systems with new ones. They’ll build connections that provide a smooth transition from existing to new equipment.

Custom Guarding Prevents Manufacturing Accidents

We also fabricate conveyor guarding for improved safety. Our team can further enhance worker safety with custom fitted platforms, walkways and crossovers. These allow access to production lines and material handling systems while protecting employees.

Building and personnel safety installations include equipment guarding, personnel guarding, forklift guarding, safety bollards, traffic sensors and safety lighting. We address all the needs of a heavy industrial facility.

The Storee team watch for elevation points, pinch points, control points, roadblocks, obstructions, aisle clearance, production flow, service capacity and maintenance access.

With better plant design, you can reduce the risk of forklift accidents and other hazards.

Learn more about safety upgrades.

Support That Can Handle the Load

The experts at Storee look for your building’s structural constraints. We’ll make sure your facility can handle the added load of more conveyors.

For example, before installing an overhead, underground or floor-level conveyor, our team analyzes the support in your plant. If needed, we’ll recommend modifications to strengthen walls, floors and ceilings.

Structural improvements also remove other obstacles. For example, we can design facility layout to improve traffic flow and safety and open space for materials handling.

Improved Productivity Is Automatic

Storee electrical and mechanical services teams will energize the new systems. They will complete the following:

  • Add electrical controls and programming that automates systems
  • Improve energy usage
  • Enhance control of storage, manufacturing and distribution

We provide services for any project scope. We can install a single specialized machine or rework your entire conveyor system. We’ll work with you to find solutions that move materials and products through production and distribution.

Storee works with some of the largest production facilities in the Midwest, and we’re ready to help you create a more efficient facility.

Learn more about selecting a facilities contractor.

The following examples include just a few of our installations:

  • High-speed robotic systems
  • Multi-level conveying equipment
  • Multiple task production lines
  • Close tolerance equipment
  • Pallet handling systems

Let’s Work Together to Keep Midwest Manufacturing Strong

Storee provides automated conveyor systems that take raw products to finished goods. We also offer preventive maintenance programs to protect your business from the losses of breakdowns.

With a fully trained staff of expert tradespeople, Storee will complete your project on time and to your satisfaction..

For more information, contact Storee at 888-736-2032.

Storee Construction is located in Springfield, Missouri and performs work across the nation. The company provides industrial and commercial construction as well as electrical services and equipment moving and installations.

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