Building Construction from Storee’s Team of Experts

For more than five decades, we’ve been a leading commercial construction contractor in Missouri and throughout the midwest. We understand that saving time and costs are paramount to building construction projects and to construction work in general. We take a proactive approach toward maximizing results from the first day of work to the final walkthrough.

Even with all of our years of experience, it’s still your industrial, commercial, or manufacturing plant. We make it priority one to find out exactly what you need in your facility and then take that information to make it a reality. From high-voltage electrical systems and heavy machinery to where the parking lot is located, we tackle it all.

From new construction to plant renovations to facility relocations, we provide all of the necessary services to get your building up and running at peak efficiency. One thing we won’t do is sacrifice the safety of your crews. No matter how efficient your facility is, serious injury will bring production to halt.

New Construction

No matter the type of building or facility, how the crews, equipment, and machinery interact with each other will determine how productive it will be. When you work with Storee Construction, we design-build every aspect of the plant. Whether it’s an assembly line mass production, food handling, or custom precast concrete facility, we will design the floor plan to your specification.

In addition to the hardware, we will also take care of the software and other utility infrastructure. This includes power, water, wastewater, and HVAC systems. Because we handle all of the design and construction, there are no slowdowns or stoppages of work because of miscommunication down the line. We’re the only line you’ll work with!

This is important because many times a project manager will need to call in several subcontractors to finish the work. There may be conflicting schedules, architects may design something that doesn’t take building protocols into account, or jurisdictional codes and requirements may not be understood by everyone. With Storee, the buck stops with us.

Upgrades, Updates, and Renovations

Has your building structure been in use for 20, 40, 60 years, or more? Chances are, it probably isn’t running as well as it could be. With the high price of many types of construction, it might make sense to renovate your existing location rather than find somewhere new to build.

With advances in production technologies, upgrades to your existing building or equipment may be all it takes to get your manufacturing levels up to where they belong to remain competitive. This could be a matter of reimagining the layout of your plant, replacing worn machinery with new, or updating technology to improve efficiency.

Is your current facility making the most of its space? Part of the design-build process is taking advantage of every square inch of your building. This includes installing conveyor belts or catwalks above the floor to take advantage of valuable, yet often overlooked, space.

These are just a few of the ways Storee Construction can increase productivity within an existing facility. We also make recommendations on processes, safety improvements, designing custom automation, and other aspects that go well beyond four walls and roof.

Plant Relocations

There are times when any and all modifications just won’t help enough and it’s time to find a new place to do business. Not only can we help design the floor plan for maximum productivity, but we will also remove your equipment, bring it to the new building, and reinstall it in place.

No “used” building will ever have everything you need. With Storee Construction and our fabrication team, we can retrofit your new equipment, safety measures, and other “must-haves” once everything else is in place. From safety ladders to fall prevention catwalks, your new facility will have the room, processes, and safety measures you need.


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Two Storee project managers reviewing building construction plansOur focus is on meeting our client’s specific needs and delivering quality results. We work with you as a partner to become your trusted solution provider. We’re available whenever you need us. We answer questions and recommend solutions regarding the construction process, cost estimating, building materials, and so much more.

Our project managers work directly with the client at the job sites to monitor progress and resolve any on-site issues. The process starts the moment you contact Storee’s general contractors. As your dedicated partner, we take ownership of all aspects of the design-build phase.

The construction industry in the United States has undergone extraordinary changes over the last half-century. And Storee has been right there all along, expanding our services, perfecting our processes, and growing our building project bonafides. This includes detailed plans pertaining to construction materials, local building codes, and more.

In other words, our design and construction team is your design and construction team. With high standards, the firm has an impeccable project completion history. Our construction engineers, construction managers, and project managers are the best in the business.

Work With Experience

Your success depends on your working relationship with your construction partners and industrial contractors. You want to make sure you can depend on them and that they will deliver results. Excellent communication is essential to make sure every detail is handled.

Storee Construction performs building construction work across the nation. We provide industrial and commercial construction, as well as electrical services and equipment moving and installations. To find out more about us, meet our staff, or to request your free priority assessment, contact us at 888-736-2032.

We will provide a priority assessment for you at no charge and will walk through your facility to determine the top areas for the greatest efficiency improvements. We can also perform specific or specialized audits at your facility such as a cool-down audit in which we design a ventilation system to achieve product safety and quality temperature, or an electrical audit to determine the most efficient ways to control usage and costs.

Storee Construction is located in Springfield, Missouri and performs work across the nation. The company provides industrial and commercial construction as well as electrical services and equipment moving and installations.

To learn more or request your free priority assessment, call us at 888-736-2032.