Storee Construction has been building, renovating, and adding to industrial and commercial buildings for more than 50 years. During that time, we’ve grown our operation to incorporate all aspects of production and manufacturing facilities, from upgrading the production process itself to moving entire plants.

This means instead of hiring a construction company and a safety expert and an equipment mover and whatever else your plant needs, you can just come to us. We’ve worked with many large industrial and commercial outfits, offering all of the services below.


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Design Build Commercial Construction Partner

Commercial Construction

As your commercial construction partner, Storee Construction will plan, design, and build every aspect of your new facility. From site evaluations to final walkthroughs, we’ll keep an open line of communication so you’ll always know where the project stands. Once your site needs have been established, we’ll coordinate architectural and engineering services to get an appropriate plan into place.

Storee Construction has been building commercial facilities for decades and can make recommendations based on your needs. From locker rooms and office spaces to auditoriums complete with video conferencing capabilities, we’ve built it all. That includes setting foundations and footings, installing HVAC systems, and even situating parking lots for maximum coverage.

Building Construction with Storee Construction

Building Construction

In addition to building commercial facilities from the ground up, Storee Construction also works with existing buildings. This could include expansions, additions, renovations, and remodelings. As buildings age, and technology improves, there are times when a few upgrades are all that’s needed.

Or maybe you aren’t looking for a full-blown industrial complex. We also offer services for smaller projects. Guided by our initial consultation, we provide the same levels of experience, professionalism, and eye for detail to every building client.

Conveyor Installation by Storee Construction

Conveyor Installation

As manufacturing and production began ramping up in the early 1900s, conveyors were used to great effect. Through the decades, this technology began to improve, becoming more efficient, durable, and flexible. Today, conveyors can move products up, over, around, and all throughout a facility to improve production rates.

In addition to moving products around the facility, conveyors allow building owners to make the most of the available space. For example, a conveyor belt system can be built overhead to take advantage of that unused space. Instead of adding more square footage, you’ll be able to use the space you already have.

Storee Construction crew reviewing commercial construction blueprints

Industrial Solutions

A well-designed manufacturing operation is a sight to behold. Products are built, moved around the facility floor, and efficiently placed for loading and delivery. We design optimized production efficiencies to ensure your plant is running as smoothly as possible. This could include product handling, building additions, or even an improved floor plan.

In addition to designing a floor plan for the facility, Storee Construction also offers emergency and maintenance services. Any amount of downtime can be costly, so if an accident halts production, it’s important to act fast to get operations up and running again. We will also assess your current situation and recommend preventative measures.

Commercial electrical services with Storee Construction

Electrical Services

As facilities age, so does their infrastructure. But instead of several different contractors responsible for improvements throughout the building, it just makes sense to work with one company. Storee Construction is equipped to handle every aspect of your facility, including your electrical system.

Without power, there is no production. That’s why keeping the lights on is so crucial. We install, retrofit, and reconfigure electrical systems to make sure your building stays up and running, but also becomes more energy-efficient as well. Upgrading your facility may cost a little upfront, but will save you money in the long run.

Industrial ventilation installed by Storee Construction

Industrial Ventilation

While it’s difficult to say which aspect of a facility is the most important, air quality in the workplace has to be near the top. It doesn’t matter if it’s an office building or an industrial plant, if your workers get sick just doing their job, there’s a problem.

That’s why proper ventilation is so important. Removing contaminants from the air and introducing cleaner air, these systems go a long way to protecting the health of your crew. If you feel your facility ventilation is doing more harm than good, call in Storee Construction for an assessment. We’ll make sure to get your HVAC system up to code, and more importantly, keep your workers as safe as possible.

Industrial plan relocation facilitated by Storee Construction

Plant Relocation

Moving an operation of any size can be a hassle. Stacking chairs for removal, taking down cubicle walls, and disassembling conference room tables takes time and takes away from the actual work. Now imagine doing the same thing with a large manufacturing facility, full of production equipment that can weigh up to 50 tons.

Storee Construction has been moving manufacturing plants for 50 years and has the experience to make sure every square foot of space is accounted for in the old facility. Then we’ll make equipment, layout, and installation recommendations for your new facility as well. If something works well at the old building, we’ll make sure it makes the trip.

Industrial equipment moving facilitated by Storee Construction

Equipment Moving

Is your current equipment starting to show it’s age? Are you getting ready for a plant relocation? Or will a new floor plan help the production process become more efficient or handle a larger workload? In each of those cases, your equipment will need to be moved, either across the factory floor or across state lines.

Our cranes, riggers, dollies, and other moving equipment are capable of moving machines weighing 50, 100, and even 300 tons. And our crews are experienced enough to make sure your equipment gets to point B from point A safely. We also perform modifications or customizations during installation to make sure your equipment performs its best at the new location.

Storee Construction facilities contractor reviews industrial plant safety

Facilities Contractor

As your facilities contractor, Storee Construction will become an expert on all aspects of your plant. From safety protocols to production line maintenance, we’ll manage your facility to make sure it is running just as it should. This could include repairs, facility upgrades or additions, or even making sure pedestrian areas remain safe.

Hiring a single contractor to manage these areas – instead of several contractors each managing a single area – will streamline the process. Working in coordination with the facility management staff, problems are addressed quickly and all operations can be integrated into a single entity.

A Storee Construction metal fabricator arc welding on site

Metal Fabrication

Manufacturing or industrial plants are often very specialized, requiring very specialized customizations. Catwalks, dumpers, and even equipment guards can vary from building to building, sometimes in the same building. Storee Construction understands there are very few “one-size-fits-all” solutions when it comes to facility components.

That’s why our metal fabricators work to understand exactly what you need. No matter if it’s fall protection around a ladder or overhead monorails, we’ll fabricate the pieces you need. And we’ll work closely with you to schedule installation times to make sure production interruptions are kept to a minimum.

A plant production upgrade by Storee Construction

Production Upgrades

It could be a shift in product focus, updated safety codes, or any number of reasons, but when it’s time to upgrade your processes, it’s important to work with someone who truly understands your business. Storee Construction has been working with commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities for more than 50 years and has the experience to make your plant better.

During the design process, we’ll look at every aspect of the upgrade. How a piece of equipment should be performing, how the upgrade will integrate into the existing space, and even if a machine is currently being used to its potential. Once a plan has been finalized, we’ll schedule a time for implementation that reduces the amount of facility downtime.

Safety upgrades installed by Storee Construction

Safety Upgrades

While certain production jobs just have an inherent amount of danger, there are many steps facilities can take to make the workplace as safe as possible. Not only to protect the workers but to protect the company as well. More than a billion dollars are lost every year due to worker injuries suffered on the job, both in lost production as well as settlements.

As a facility safety contractor, Storee implements upgrades to the work floor as well as safety protocols to help ensure safety. Installing fall protection on catwalks, improving the facility air ventilation, and installing safety shut-offs at critical points are just a few of the ways we help management keep their crews safe. Yes – accidents will still happen. But why not keep the number of accidents to a minimum?

Whether you need a site evaluated for a brand new facility or your entire production system overhauled, Storee Construction is the company to call. We take time to understand what you and your facility truly need and then get to work. For 50 years we’ve been a mainstay in the Midwest construction scene – let’s find out how we can help you.

To find out more about us, meet our staff, or to request your free priority assessment, contact us at 888-736-2032.