Industrial building construction – Do we need a new facility?

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It’s the dream of every manufacturing, production, or industrial company: expanding your reach and your facilities. But it’s difficult to plan too far in the future or foresee how fast you’ll grow. Fluctuating prices in real estate, materials, equipment, and so forth may limit what you can do at any given time.

So it may make sense to just upgrade your current facilities to meet demand until the numbers pencil out for expansion. It boils down to a simple question: Do you need a new facility, or can you upgrade the current structure? There are advantages, and potential pitfalls, with both decisions.

Making updates to your manufacturing facility may save you money but could limit future expansion. A brand new building will give you everything but take time and money to complete. You know your business needs and want to ramp up production. But do you know how to get there?

What do you need?

Before any industrial construction project, you’ll want to conduct a needs analysis for both situations. For the current facility, the age, size, and even location may hamper the needed upgrades. Visualizing how changes at the loading dock can improve efficiencies can be difficult without an experienced eye.

Other issues may force your hand. If your plant is approaching 50 years of use, electrical systems may be outdated or new technology may not work with old retrofits. Will rearranging the floor plan improve productivity? How about installing conveyor belts overhead to simplify the movement of product through the plant?

If your building doesn’t need a complete overall, changes in specific areas may earn you another decade of use. You won’t know for sure until you make a concerted effort to analyze what you need and identify goals that new equipment or machinery may achieve.

There’s a relationship between design and engineering, and times the two don’t get along very well. That’s why it’s so important to work with a construction company that handles both sides of the remodeling coin.

Work With The Experts

Storee Construction has been working in the industrial and commercial construction industry for more than 50 years throughout the midwest. We build commercial buildings from the ground up or maximize space and productivity by reimagining existing manufacturing plants. We handle all construction including site prep, ordering materials, custom fabrications, and everything else to the final walkthrough.

Our design-build team will identify areas to increase efficiency while keeping safety concerns at the forefront. We’ll maximize your space, upgrade infrastructure like electrical and plumbing when needed, and keep everything up to code. The design team might even make recommendations for a new facility to accomplish everything you need and want.

Many construction companies specialize in certain areas of a project and leave it to the project manager to pull in sub-contractors. From finding the right property and securing needed permits to construction management and “curb appeal,” Storee Construction will take your dreams and make them a reality.

One point of contact. Fewer costs. Open lines of communication throughout the project. Experience. That’s what you get when working with Storee Construction. Have a public or private project on the horizon? Request a quote and see how we can help.