Eliminate Worry With Storee Safety-trained Personnel

Due to the impact it can have on profitability and employee welfare, safety is of primary concern for every company. Proactively fixing safety issues will lower your operating costs and exposure to worker safety risks. However, you also need to make sure that your contractor’s employees are adequately trained to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards to avoid the contractor’s employees adding to your safety concerns. Workers should have up-to-date safety training on all work exposures and construction safety procedures. Before starting a project, you should also ensure that your contractor will work within your company-specific safety and product contamination rules so that all onsite workers achieve clear compliance to the same established safety and protection goals.

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Lower your risk further by hiring a contractor with an exemplary safety record and a commitment to protecting their clients with high levels of liability insurance. Contractors need to carry a minimum of $10 million in general liability coverage with additional insurance for specific exposures sufficient to cover your property Working with a fully insured, reliable company that has been in business many years and has a commitment to continuous construction safety training, will provide a safeguard from property damage, worker exposure, and liability risks.

Storee’s Safety Programs Protect Your Business

Storee has a reputation for meeting and exceeding client guidelines while working in their facilities, which is accomplished through extensive training and Storee-initiated safety programs. Storee has been recognized as a model for other contractors and for the development of improved contractor safety integration. We demonstrate application of safety procedures in all work activities.

Our employees receive a minimum of 16 hours of mandatory training every year, contributing to our excellent safety record.

When you choose Storee as your contractor, you are assured that all contractor safety and product contamination concerns are met, including the following:

  • Following all good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
  • Following client specific work at heights requirements
  • Obtaining hot work permits
  • Following Lock Out / Tag Out procedures
  • Wearing adequate personal protective equipment for project conditions
  • Certifying workers in industrial power truck safety
  • Completing all OSHA required training
  • Limiting all dust and debris to work areas

Storee retains state certified safety consultants to provide construction safety training and job site inspections to ensure all of our projects are state and OSHA-compliant. Our employees receive a minimum of 16 hours of mandatory training every year, contributing to our excellent safety record. Many of our employees have been with Storee for more than 15 years, with an average of 8 years employment at Storee providing a qualified and skilled construction team. Because of their extensive safety training, skill training, and on the job experience, Storee is able to protect our clients and deliver the best service, unlike contractors who hire temporary or day workers.

As a family-owned business working within industrial, manufacturing and distribution environments for 50 years, we know how important safety is to your success. You can rely on us to handle your safety issues assisting you with facility upgrades to meet safety guidelines as well as delivering quality services with skilled, safety trained personnel. Contact us at 888-736-2032 to discuss your critical safety needs and how Storee can help you achieve your worker safety goals.

To find out more about us, meet our staff, or to request your free priority assessment, contact us at 888-736-2032.