Industrial Ventilation Is the Key to Indoor Air Quality

What’s more important to health than the air we breathe? Good indoor air quality is a prerequisite for the well-being of workers. All types of businesses must ensure adequate industrial ventilation to provide a clean and safe workplace.

Whether your company operates out of an office building or an industrial plant, it requires healthy airflow. Manufacturers that use chemicals or machinery must protect the air quality with a well-designed and maintained industrial ventilation system.


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Though all companies understand the importance of fresh air, many factories and buildings don’t have up-to-date industrial ventilation systems. Storee Construction can help. Our engineers design safe facilities, ensuring airflow, sanitation and a significant reduction in health complaints. We can design your system from scratch or upgrade an existing plant. As your safety contractor, we’ll monitor and maintain your current system.

With clean air flowing in your facility, your employees will be healthier and more productive. You’ll avoid the worker’s compensation expenses, penalties, and lawsuits associated with non-compliance and employee illness.


Inadequately designed or maintained ventilation systems can contaminate your products and building. Employees may become ill from impurities in a neglected HVAC system. Production lines and products may suffer from unsanitary air and surfaces.

Flaws in an HVAC system can create illness among your staff. Also to blame for worker sickness are volatile organic compounds, poor ventilation of machine exhaust, outgassing of materials and the use of industrial chemicals. All these scenarios can be remedied with fresh air intake, filtration and other systems of industrial ventilation.

Storee can design, build and maintain a ventilation system that protects your employees’ health and your products’ purity. With a more up-to-date system, your business could also become more energy efficient.

Thousands of U.S. workers are sickened each year by heat illness. Since 2003, OSHA has attributed to heat an average of 30 deaths per year.

Preventative Maintenance Prevents Illness

Thousands of U.S. workers are sickened each year by heat illness. Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition. Since 2003, OSHA has attributed to heat an average of 30 deaths per year.

These deaths are preventable. Industrial ventilation protects workers and saves lives. Storee Construction can perform a safety analysis of your plant’s airflow and HVAC system. We’ll look at the layout and design of your facility and recommend solutions to prevent unsafe temperatures and air quality.

It’s not enough to install ductwork or HVAC systems. Equipment must be checked, monitored and maintained. Ventilation systems collect contaminants as they operate. These impurities lessen the effectiveness of the system and can lead to malfunctions, high operation costs, and illnesses.

Employees in manufacturing plants are at risk for heat-related illnesses. Industrial workers often wear heavy protective clothing and engage in physical labor. The heat from machinery and the use of chemicals make adequate industrial ventilation a must.

Adding to the already hot environment of a plant are the warm temperatures typical in the Midwest. Summers in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas fluctuate from the high 70s to the 90s. Periodic heat waves increase the risk of heat stroke.


Airflow cools a manufacturing plant and keeps workers safer. An industrial ventilation system maximizes the flow of air. A properly designed system circulates air and can drop the indoor temperature by 20 degrees or more. We can retrofit your industrial or commercial building to ensure airflow.

Industrial ventilation depends on many factors. It’s more than just ductwork and vents. To ensure the air is cool and clean, we take the following into consideration:

  • Facility size and layout
  • Traffic patterns for people and vehicles
  • Cross ventilation
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Building structure
  • Proximity of heat-generating machinery to workers


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