Industrial and Commercial Construction in Arkansas

Storee Construction builds, moves and upgrades industrial and commercial structures throughout Arkansas. Our family-owned business is based in Missouri. We’ve been building projects on time and on budget since 1966.

Storee works with your business to plan, design and complete your Arkansas commercial facility. Our team is experienced in building for the industries that keep the Natural State in business: poultry, rice and food processing, natural gas, petroleum, bromine and other mined materials.

Storee Is a Full-Service Company

Our team oversees projects from beginning to end. We’ll help you select a site, keep you in the loop during each phase of construction and stand by you even after your plant is up and running. Our experienced designers find ways to streamline your project, making the most of your budget. Your new building or upgrade will meet your needs while avoiding cost overruns.

Our team includes AutoCad designers, metal fabricators, industrial electricians and project coordinators. We’ll find ways to reduce overhead and improve safety. Whether we’re breaking ground on new construction or upgrading an existing structure, Storee Construction has the expertise to do it all. Hear what some of our clients say about Storee’s process on our testimonials’ page.

Arkansas: A Natural State of Opportunity

Industrial construction metal cutting by Storee ConstructionStoree has worked in states around the country. Arkansas stands out for the beauty of its geography and the inventiveness of its residents. Historically rich industries such as agriculture and mining remain important. Arkansans are also looking at the future, embracing new technologies in aerospace and healthcare.

We’re confident Storee can help your Arkansas business meet today’s challenges and get ready for tomorrow’s opportunities. When we partner with you as a facilities contractor, we’re there for you during emergencies and unexpected shutdowns. Our expert team devises solutions to production breakdowns that waste time and money.

industrial-electrician-storee-constructionPlanning for Flexibility

It’s been said there’s nothing permanent except change. To stay competitive during economic upturns and downturns, your facility needs a design that can adapt to disruptions in the market.

A company that quickly takes advantage of emerging opportunities is often seen as little more than fortunate. Smart business people know that chance favors those with a plan. As General Douglas MacArthur, born in Little Rock, Arkansas, said, “The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.”

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