Industrial Construction Springfield MOThe following areas deliver the most improvement for your investment:

  1. Eliminate waste throughout the production cycle:
    Implement methodologies to improve your product flow
  2. Streamline plant layout:
    Reduce material handling, simplify manufacturing, and eliminate idle time between processes
  3. Consolidate plants or manufacturing areas:
    Reduce overhead and labor costs
  4. Install high-speed equipment:
    Decrease labor costs and increase profits
  5. Improve worker safety:
    Fix safety issues, lower costs and reduce risks
  6. Control product safety:
    Protect consumer health and confidence
  7. Upgrade electrical systems and controls:
    Save energy representing up to 30% of a building’s operating costs

Storee is the leader in industrial building construction, with extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of construction impacting manufacturing and distribution operations. Whether you need new building construction, facility expansions, electrical services, conveyor or equipment installations, equipment moving or interior modifications, Storee has the expertise to provide custom solutions to fit your needs.

With a reputation for quality in a very demanding field, Storee is hired year after year by some of the largest industries in the country including Kraft Foods, Reckitt Benckiser, Buckhorn Industries, Sweetheart Cup, Regal Beloit, and many others. We are able to meet industrial or commercial building challenges with cost effective solutions.

Storee provides complete project planning to reduce interruptions to your operations and coordinates all work for fast and efficient project completion. We review projects carefully, listen to your concerns for your primary and secondary improvement goals, and offer alternative solutions to maximize the return on your project investment. Because research shows that over half of change orders are due to a change in the scope of a project, Storee’s extensive planning at the outset will reduce your project costs. Storee Construction tackles all of the details and, with our knowledge and expertise, ensures your project is a success.

For more information about our capabilities or to discuss a specific project, contact us at 888-736-2032.