It’s not always old buildings that are at fault for bad industrial ventilation. Modern, airtight buildings can pose just as much of a risk to air quality due to lack of circulation. In both cases, industrial ventilation is the only solution to prevent worker illness and damage to products and machinery.

Workers are the backbone of any operation. Illness means absenteeism and a drop in productivity. Workers can become sick at work from the air they breathe. The industrial ventilation systems of industrial facilities should be evaluated and serviced regularly.

‘Sick Building Syndrome’

The symptoms include coughing, fatigue, asthma, ear/nose/throat irritation, itching and symptoms that resemble cold or flu. These symptoms can be mild and workers may feel fine after leaving the building. Workers may not feel bad enough to go home sick, but all of these symptoms would likely cause distraction and threaten productivity schedules.

Building-related disease

The symptoms include are similar to Sick Building Syndrome but more severe. Serious diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease, Pontiac fever, and humidifier fever are caused by organisms contaminating ventilation systems. These diseases can be quite serious and cause lingering illness, which would mean sick time and missed production deadlines.

Welding fumes

There are particular requirements beyond building ventilation required for any industrial facility that contains an area for welding. Welding areas need local exhaust ventilation systems directly at the source to direct contaminated air away from the welders. Fumes from welding pose a variety of short-term and long-term health risks, some fatal. Besides respiratory irritations, dizziness, and nausea, long-term unprotected exposure can cause ulcers, nervous system damage, kidney damage, lung damage, and cancer.

Damage to products and machinery

Clean air and controlled temperatures prevent damage to products and machinery. Some products require certain temperatures which mean different areas of a facility may have to be kept within certain temperature ranges. The air inside an industrial plant should also be kept free of dust and other contaminants which can ruin products and harm machinery.


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