New manufacturing trends emphasize flexibility

 In Industrial Construction

Increase your ability to anticipate and respond quickly to new developments.

Old-style manufacturing is out in today’s manufacturing infrastructure and processes are based on quick turnaround, increased flexibility for responsive changes, cross-functional design, and new capability management. This requires early planning, better strategy development, and the ability to anticipate and respond quickly to new developments.

Because the global economy is increasingly more competitive, manufacturers must deal with advanced technology, new automation techniques, and knowledge management. Every facet of the operation must work in collaboration. Through training, the manufacturing staff will embrace change management as well as improve communication, goal setting, and measurement.

Outdated buildings will need to be replaced or modernized in order to stay competitive. Energy efficiency and improved design will not only achieve compliance, but increase competitiveness and cost control. Advanced construction techniques can help manufacturers improve production processes and time to market. Through modernization and process improvement, manufacturers will improve their ability to be more responsive to customer needs – the key to profitability. Manufacturers will need to be able to offer both more customization and standardization to stay competitive.

Many manufacturers are bringing offshore manufacturing back home. Global manufacturing is expected to drop significantly in the next five years due to the increase in lead times, IP risk, shipping issues, travel costs, language barriers, quality decline, and currency exchanges. Re-shoring manufacturing offers an opportunity to upgrade facilities and processes to prepare for the future and incorporate quick-response techniques.

As your facilities contractor, Storee will help you plan for building and process improvements that will improve your competitive position for years to come. With a wide range of capabilities and a proactive approach, we will partner with you to improve production efficiency, upgrade your facility, provide new construction, or provide facility industrial services with 24-hour emergency response.

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