Acid bath systems are used to refinish rusted, oxidized, or otherwise marked or corroded metals for reuse. When used correctly, acid baths or acid etching can also remove paint and other coatings to ready materials for upgraded finishes. Acid bath tanks come in a wide variety of sizes for a wide variety of uses.

The impurities found on metal surfaces can affect their usage or prove troublesome when it comes time for plating or painting. Industrial acid bath systems, sometimes known as pickling baths, are used to remove those imperfections. Corrosion inhibitors may be added to the bath to protect the metal surface further.

Acid bath systems are relatively easy to use if you follow all the recommended procedures. Before installing or using an acid bath, ensure you have all of the permits from local, state, and federal government bodies needed for the acid bath process.

Storee Construction will install ready-made acid bath systems you’ve purchased or make custom baths to fit your needs. Give us your specifications and our engineering teams will design-build an acid bath system with the appropriate materials.

As with an acid bath system, make sure you’re using the correct combination of water to acid type (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc.) on the appropriate metals (stainless steel vs. aluminum for example). Different baths can react with metals in different ways and you may be damaging the metals you’re trying to clean.

We also refinish acid baths to extend their lifespan. As you might imagine, these tanks go through a lot, and after time materials can begin to erode away. But by refinishing the insides of the tanks, and maintaining the rest of the system, you’ll be able to get extended use.

Safety Considerations With Acid Bath Systems

In addition to acid bath tanks, some systems may need ventilation to remove hazardous gasses that are sometimes associated with acid baths. There should also be wash stations located nearby and additional safety equipment in “splash” zones near the acid bath system itself.

Storee Construction will perform a complete safety audit of the area where the acid bath system will be placed and make recommendations to ensure all OSHA requirements and other safety precautions are met. This may include chemical storage or procedures for removing spent acids.

If your facility or plant needs an acid bath or your current system needs an upgrade or service, contact Storee Construction. We’ve been working in industrial facilities for more than five decades and will schedule work during downtime to keep disruptions to a minimum.