Safe and efficient handling of commercial waste and recycling is a major job at any industrial facility. Balers keep waste management efficient. They make quick work of compressing and binding waste, byproducts and other materials associated with manufacturing.

Balers offer the simplest way to prepare materials for recycling, disposal, shipping and secondary processing. Because they compact the goods into smaller packages, the bundles are easier to handle and less costly to move.

What Type Baler Do You Need?

The type of baler you choose depends on how much capacity you require and how much space you have available.

Horizontal balers require a lot of free space but have a large capacity.
In comparison, vertical balers produce less waste, take up less room, but require manual unloading.

This type of production upgrade is a significant investment. Choosing the right baler will save your business money by improving efficiency. Many companies benefit from partnering with an upgrade contractor like Storee Construction.

Our professionals understand all phases of baler selection and installation. These experts provide insightful consulting right at the beginning, helping you evaluate which baler best suits your needs. Also, we can evaluate your facility and production needs to match you with the right equipment. We’ll help you configure the most efficient plant layout for a baler.

Choose Storee Construction for Baler Installation

Storee, a family-owned company, has been serving the needs of manufacturers and commercial facilities since 1966. Businesses trust us to manage upgrades for their plants. Whether your business is in manufacturing, recycling, material handling or something else, we can install a baler to make waste management easier.

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your production cycle. Our expert planning capability will help you reduce expenses and avoid delays. We’ll give you an accurate estimate of the project’s scope, and recommend solutions that address your challenges. With Storee Construction’s help, you’ll have a baler installed with minimal interruptions to your employees.

Storee handles a range of production upgrades for commercial and industrial facilities. Call us today for a free assessment. 888-736-2032