Used for cutting teeth for gears, splines, smooth holes, and more, broach machines are cutting tools used for making gears, keyways, splines, and other holes through solid surfaces. The softer the material (wood, copper, aluminum, plastics, and other composite materials), the easier the work. However, stainless steel and other harder materials can still be broached.

There are several types of broaching machine tools, although all broaching tools are used the same way. After a guide hole has been drilled, the broach is pulled through the material, starting small and eventually growing in size. Basically, the material is getting “shaved” away with each passing tooth. High-speed steels are used in broach manufacturing.

Internal broaching is used when an opening is needed on a solid surface, either symmetric or asymmetric. Although broaching can be used for circular holes, most broaches are of an irregular shape or can’t be made via drilling. Keyways, splines, hexagon, and so on.

Surface broaching is ideal for work on flat surfaces and commonly used to create gear teeth and irregular shapes. While internal broaching pulls the tool through the materials, some surface broaching will pull or push the material around the cutting tool.

In either case, broaching tools are only used along a linear line, both in horizontal broaching or vertical. Which makes these tools relatively easy to use. However, needs are numerous and varied, so the design and building of each broach are key when it comes to broaching machine manufacturing.

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