In almost any industry, speed can make all the difference when it comes to meeting certain benchmarks. By automating your production, manufacturing, or shipping processes, you can save valuable time, increase production, and cut labor costs. Case erectors are an ideal way to make packing safer, more efficient, and more consistent.

Case erecting equipment is used across many industries–if it can be shipped in a box, case erectors can be used. Automotive parts, electrical equipment, food, pharmaceuticals, and other goods. Case erectors are designed to handle standard boxes, waxed cardboard, and others of varying sizes and thicknesses.

What are Case Erectors?

Used near the end of the packaging process, case erectors are designed to build boxes with options for sealing the cases once erected. When used as part of a production line, case and carton erectors can be sent down the line to be filled and the tops sealed.

Automatic case erectors can build 15 formed and sealed cases per minute or more depending on the manufacturer. Case erector machine “magazines” are loaded with flat boxes and then pushed/pulled to create open boxes. These boxes are then sealed at the bottom and removed either manually or by a conveyor.

Case sealers use either tape or hot melt glue to provide a stable bottom to the box, carton, or case. Depending on the packaging equipment you have, a high-speed case erector builds and seals corrugated single-face, single-wall, double-wall, and more. Case-forming equipment may also be able to handle a variety of box sizes.

Food Processing – To protect the health of their consumers and employees, food processing box erectors are made in stainless steel for easy cleanup. Equipment is easily accessible for cleaning and readily disassembled for quick inspections. Covers are sloped to keep to ensure product, water, and other liquids don’t pool and grow bacteria.

Adding Case Erectors to Your Production Line

When building a facility from the ground up, you design-build all of the automation you need directly into the plans. But what if you have an existing plant that will benefit from case erector technology? Storee Construction will perform an audit of your current structure to see where the equipment will best suit your needs.

Storee Construction assembles and integrates your case packing equipment along the production line for maximum efficiency. After an inspection of your facility, we will either incorporate the case erecting equipment within your existing floor plan or modify your current layout for maximum efficiency.

Work With Experience

Since 1966, Storee Construction has worked with large-scale manufacturing, industrial, and production facilities around the midwest. Food-processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and engineering firms have all used our design-build capabilities. Our crews have decades of experience and are well-versed with all local and state codes and regulations.

Our customer service can’t be beaten. We schedule our work around your schedule because we know how any amount of downtime can affect operations. Why stop work if you don’t have to? Our engineers work closely with project managers to ensure we work quickly and safely, both for our workers and your employees.

In addition to improving your production lines with case erectors, we also design-build facilities from the ground up, perform industrial electrical work, move equipment, relocate plants, and do a host of other heavy-duty work. If you need help with construction, remodeling, upgrades, or safety improvements, reach out to Storee Construction.