Don’t Replace Equipment – Maintain It

There’s no way around it: at some point, your heavy machinery will become obsolete. With smart technology and other process advancements appearing in manufacturing and industrial marketplaces, your workhorses of the past several decades will need to be upgraded or even put out to pasture.

Until that happens, why not get the most of that machinery? Every manufacturer includes recommended service schedules as well as maintenance practices with all of their equipment. If you haven’t been keeping up on these tasks, you may be asking your equipment to work much harder than it has to.

Running your machinery in less than optimal conditions will cause it to age before its time. After 20 or 30 years, you may have lost track of those maintenance schedules – or even how to safely maintain the equipment itself. But these monthly tasks can save your equipment and save money.

In some cases, you may not be able to completely service the machinery because of its location or an inability to safely move the equipment. Storee Construction is uniquely qualified for both situations. We have the resources to disconnect that heavy equipment, move it safely, and reinstall it after servicing.

Designated Clean Out Of Place Stations

All industrial facilities should be equipped with cleaning stations, including access to water as well as wastewater filtering systems. These are known as clean out of place (COP) systems. This makes it easy to perform manual cleaning of your equipment as well as installing parts washers for thorough cleaning.

Having a COP System in-house also allows you to save money on shipping certain equipment components out for servicing. More cost-saving for your bottom line. If your facility isn’t currently outfitted with a COP Station, Storee Construction will design-build a custom area for your uses.

We have been building, upgrading, and renovating manufacturing, industrial, and commercial facilities throughout the Midwest for more than five decades. In addition to engineering clean out-of-place stations and tying into existing power and water utilities, we also design-build plant renovations for increased productivity and improved efficiencies.

Perhaps you’ve simply outgrown your current plant. As a facilities contractor, we design floor plans, infrastructure, process management, and workflows to make sure you get the most out of your new structure. Not ready to leave your current location? We can do the same thing by reimagining the current processes already in place.

One thing we won’t do is sacrifice safety for a few extra pennies. All of our recommendations are designed to help you stay competitive in the marketplace today. But nothing ruins productivity like unsafe working conditions or preventable injuries on the job.

From industrial venting solutions where off-gassing chemicals are used to fall-prevention safety upgrades on overhead catwalks, Storee Construction always has eyes on the overall safety of the plant. This includes workers, visiting partners, and the general public. Outdated equipment or failing infrastructure is much cheaper to replace than a highly trained workforce.

When you work with Storee Construction, you’re working with experienced professionals that look at your whole operation, not just a few aspects. From design-build engineering to safety review to project management facilitators, we’ll make your current facility competitive with your top competitors.

Contact us today to see how we can help.