Conveyor systems bring efficiency and increased productivity to almost any production process. By moving materials from one place to another, along an assembly line, or on the loading dock, conveyor belts mean fewer hands are needed and fewer accidents occur.


They are also a great way to save space, too. Conveyor belts can be set to go up, down, and all around the production floor meaning overhead space that is often wasted can be utilized. Storee Construction’s design-build teams can create systems that are seamlessly integrated into your existing facilities.

When working with other automated machinery (balers, palletizers, fillers, etc.), conveyor systems give plant managers a lot of flexibility. Storee Construction upgrades, updates, or replaces existing systems to keep your production lines moving. Depending on the floorplan of your facility, conveyors may allow you to expand operations.

We install several types of conveyors: chain-driven roller conveyors, bucket elevators, belt conveyors, gravity, chute, and other equipment. Depending on the materials or products you’re moving, we have the ideal system for you.

Ideal For Any Industry

Storee Construction designs, builds, and installs conveyor equipment for several industries. From large bulk material handling systems (gravel, sand, etc.) to more refined lines (food processing, material packaging), we’ve improved processes all over the Midwest.

We’ve built customized solutions for interior, exterior, and a combination of the two. Stainless steel conveyor systems for both cold and dry storage in the food industry as well as heavy-duty conveyors for fast manufacturing, packaging, and distribution centers. If you need to step up your production, Storee designed conveyor systems can help.

Storee Works With Your Schedule

We work during downtimes to ensure your facility doesn’t lose any more production than absolutely necessary. We understand the importance of schedules and meeting deadlines, so our material handling equipment installation process is designed to cause as little disruption as possible. We don’t want to interfere with other operations on site, either.

In fact, we may be able to help with aspects of your operations during this time. Our facility contractors and safety technicians can perform audits of your plant and implement upgrades as needed. This way we can double our efforts in the same amount of time.

Work With Experience

For more than six decades, Storee Construction has been working with commercial, manufacturing, and industrial facilities to improve their productivity. In addition to conveyor systems, we’ve improved work floor layout through equipment movement, plant additions, and more to meet the needs of our clients.

We’ve also built structures from the ground up and facilitated plant relocations. During initial consultations, we take great care in understanding what our clients need. Then our engineers and design-build teams get to work to give you the facility you need. If you have any questions about conveyor systems, your current plant, or your future facility, we look forward to finding out how we can help.