Dock shelters are an essential part of any loading dock operation. They provide a weather-tight seal around the perimeter of the trailer, keeping out wind, rain, and contaminants. This seal helps to protect both the trailer and the cargo inside from weather damage.

In addition, dock shelters can help to improve energy efficiency by preventing heat or cooling loss from the trailer. They also keep the environment of the loading dock area consistent. This can be a huge cost saving in food processing plants and other sensitive materials.

Dock shelters are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any application. They can be custom-built to fit the specific dimensions of your loading dock, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Whether you’re looking for added protection against the elements or improved energy efficiency, dock shelters are an ideal solution for high-traffic loading docks.

Where dock seals can provide a more secure seal around the trailer, they can become worn much quicker than shelters because trucks may rub up against them. Shelters, however, aren’t as rigid and use hooks and weights to create a tight seal around the truck after docking.

When used in conjunction with dock levelers, you can create a near-perfect seal for your loading or shipping dock. By keeping the building floor clean of dirt, dust, wet weather, and more, your dockworkers will be much safer as well, cutting down on accidents or on-the-job injuries that hurt productivity (and your crews).

Expert Loading Dock Shelter Installation

Storee Construction has been providing production upgrades for industrial facilities for nearly six decades. We perform audits of your loading dock, including the size of transports you work with, loading dock workflows, and the nature of the products you ship and or receive. From there we’ll install the right shelter for your doors or create custom solutions.

For more information about dock shelters and how they can keep your loading area safe for your products and materials as well as your dock workers, reach out to Storee Construction to see how we can help.