One of the biggest health issues comes from materials that are almost invisible to the naked eye: Dust. There are steps to combat the issue, with personal protective equipment as well as building infrastructure, such as improved ventilation. Industrial dust collectors also help keep airborne particulates in check.

Dust collectors are used in a wide range of commercial, manufacturing, and industrial applications. In many cases, dust collectors are required by workplace or environmental codes and regulations. When properly installed and maintained, they bring in and filter dust and fumes from the environment of the workplace.

Industrial dust collectors can be manufactured for specific plants or facilities. Dust from a sawmill or wood-working building is quite a bit different than cement manufacturing or metal fabrication applications. Generally speaking, however, they all work to remove hazardous materials from the surrounding air.

Different Types of Industrial Dust Collectors

While the job is basically the same, there are a few different ways dust can be cleaned from the air. There are continuous options that use bags, filters, and even centrifugal force to remove dust and other particulates. In some cases, multiple dust collectors will be used together for optimal results.

Shaker Bag Systems

Ideal for continuous operation, shaker bag systems have multiple compartments so that cleaning can be done without stopping filtration. The dust is collected in the bags and then shaken loose for removal. These collectors are the most widely used because of their effectiveness.

Pulse jets

These can be employed to remove the dust cake that can form on the surface of the bags as well. As the dirty air comes through the dust collector, larger particles collect on the bags. Instead of shaking the dust “cake” free, intermittent blasts of air knock it loose and are collected by a hopper at the bottom.

Cartridge Collectors

For smaller applications or more compact areas, these filters can be removed and cleaned from the exterior, which is safer and faster than dealing with bag operations. Cartridge dust collectors are best used when working with finer dust particles and some gasses found in metalworking, powder coating, and other similar industries.

Static Collectors

Using static electricity, these collectors are primarily used to remove particulates from exhaust gasses at power plants that burn oil, coal, and other fossil fuels for electricity. As the dust, soot, or ash passes through an ionized field, the particles become charged and are then collected/removed from the air.

Vortex/Cyclone Collectors

Using centrifugal force, the air is cleaned by creating a very strong circular air current, pushing the materials to the side of the chamber. They then fall to the bottom of the collector and are removed. These collectors are best used for larger debris and are often used before sending the air through the shaker bag collectors.

If you need to update your filtration systems or are looking to modernize your plant or facility, get in touch with Storee Construction. Many dust collectors can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes and are highly customizable. Let us know what your building needs and Storee will make it happen.