An effective forklift safety program can save workers from injury and pedestrians from collisions. The vehicles themselves are designed to be dependable and efficient. Forklifts are everywhere in manufacturing and commercial facilities, in use throughout the day on loading docks, in warehouses and on the factory floor.

OSHA has determined that about 11 percent of all forklifts in use are linked to at least one accident every year. The consequences of these accidents can be devastating. Whether the mishap involves an operator pinned between the loading dock and a trailer, or a pedestrian being struck by a forklift, the accidents can be severe.

In addition to protecting worker safety, a forklift safety program has a high return on investment. The cost of a safety program is small in comparison with improved safety for workers. Accidents not only interrupt productivity, but they also rack up expenses from fines, lawsuits and other costs associated with employee accidents.

Using OSHA’s Forklift Safety Checklist

To help operators and workers in the vicinity of forklifts, OSHA has produced Sample Daily Checklists for Powered Industrial Trucks, the official name for the forklift. These lists are extensive, with many helpful tips.

This type of checklist should be part of every facility’s forklift safety program. But most companies realize this is just a starting point. They need to deal with additional hazards in the plant’s environment.

Hiring a safety contractor can speed up implementation of a forklift safety program. In fact, an expert can work with you to evaluate potential hazards and production systems that are contributing to the problem.

Storee Construction’s experienced safety experts have a deep understanding of the industrial and commercial workspace. They will design a customized forklift safety program for your company. Our team can suggest safety products and procedures that reduce accidents.

Partner with Safety Professionals

The safety team at Storee Construction understands manufacturing and commercial spaces. Our company has been building, renovating and repairing these structures since 1966. We are a family-owned business working out of Springfield, Missouri.

Our safety team will partner with you, beginning with an evaluation of your facility. We’ll design a forklift safety program customized to your business. We’ll assist your employees with additional suggestions and upgrades.

Safety improvements might include covering or restricting holes and openings, adding protection to pedestrian walkways and installing safety shutoffs and equipment guards. Storee safety contractors will customize a forklift safety program that will make your company a safer place to work.

For help with a forklift safety program, call a professional at Storee Construction today at 888-736-2032.