A seriously injured employee is among the worst things that can happen at a workplace. Businesses spend millions of dollars to keep workers safe.

It’s money well spent. Safety upgrades such as handrail fabrications protect people and may save a company money in the long run.

Falls of various kinds are the most common cause of workplace injuries. Just one accidental fall can cost a business $50,000, according to OSHA estimates.

High-quality, functional handrails reduce the incidence of injuries. That’s why companies turn to Storee Construction. We’re a leader in safety. Call us for handrail fabrication, guardrails, platforms and catwalks. We build for industrial, commercial and institutional use.

Superior Fabrication

At Storee, handrails are fabricated to your exact needs. We use the highest quality aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. We’ll design and build a handrail that increases the safety of your facility and works with the design of your building.

Our certified teams of welders, fabricators, painters and detailers are craftspeople with years of experience in all aspects of handrail fabrication.

Benefits of Handrails and Safety Installations

Handrails and guardrails safeguard workers. Well-designed catwalks, crossovers and ladders keep people away from moving equipment. When companies install safety products, they are protecting employees and visitors from serious accidents.

Installing this equipment ensures that you stay compliant with government regulations. Accidents may result in fines, litigation and poor work morale. When you take a proactive approach, you reduce the risk of monetary loss from worker injury. You might qualify for lower outlay for worker’s compensation insurance.

Safety Assessment Professionals

Storee Construction’s expertise goes beyond handrail and metal fabrication. We offer complete industrial safety assessments. We’ll help you upgrade to meet safety regulations. We can advise you on avoiding product contamination and other production-line hazards.

Storee has decades of experience as a leader in safety upgrades. We’ll help your business make improvments while minimizing interruptions to the workflow. With our expertise, your plant will become a safer place for your employees, delivery people and guests.

Trustworthy Industrial Construction Since 1966

Work with the experts at Storee Construction, a family-owned business that has been serving commercial and industrial clients for five decades. Our team has expertise in handrail fabrication and other safety upgrades. Partner with us to ensure the safest workplace possible.
Call the experienced team at Storee Construction today for a free assessment of your facilities. 888-736-2032.