Just like Henry Ford made building automobiles more efficient, case packers improve productivity as an integral part of an assembly line. As inventory moves along a packaging line conveyance, products can be perfectly placed inside a box from multiple locations and, in some cases, be sealed and sent to the loading dock, warehouse, or another holding platform.

Manufacturers are constantly improving their high-speed case packing machines, making them more efficient, adaptable, and technologically advanced. When used along with case erectors, product diverters, and conveyor belts, these fully integrated systems can wildly increase productivity.

For more than 50 years, Storee Construction has been helping a wide range of facilities improve their productivity through improved processes, floor plans, and industrial machinery upgrades. By installing fully or semi-automatic servo-driven robotic case packers, you’ll be able to increase production without increased labor costs.
Case Packer Installations
Whether they’re used for primary packaged goods or as a secondary packaging integration, Storee Construction will install case packers to your exact specifications. Our design-build crews will work closely with your plant or facility manager to find the most efficient integration of the equipment.

We’ve worked with top loading, horizontal case loading, and drop packing equipment, seamlessly adding them to existing production lines. Building something from the ground up? We install conveyor belts, equipment, and other industrial solutions that will provide efficiency and safety in the space provided.

Case Packer Upgrades

Is your current case packer not able to keep up with demand? Or maybe it’s just getting on in years and it’s time for an upgrade. No matter the reason, Storee will remove the old piece of equipment and replace it with the new model of your choice.

Or maybe you’ve devised a way or have questions about ways to improve your existing equipment. Our engineers will work with you to design modifications to your current equipment to better suit your needs. Our fabricators have decades of experience working with a wide range of equipment in several industries.

Experienced, Professional Industrial Contractors

Since 1966, Storee Construction has been providing production line upgrades and integrations throughout the Midwest since 1966. As technology improves, we work with industrial, commercial, or manufacturing facility owners to make their process faster, more efficient, and safer.

We’ve worked with packaging plants, food processing facilities, retail centers, commercial buildings, and more. Through new construction or structure upgrades, we work closely with the building owners to deliver exactly what they need when they need it. Reach out to Storee Construction if you have large construction projects or complete facility improvements.