Industrial ductwork plays a vital role in maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment in industrial settings. These systems of ducts are responsible for transporting and distributing air, gasses, or other substances within a facility, making them essential components of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and exhaust systems.

The efficiency of industrial ductwork is critical to ensuring the proper movement and control of air or process gasses throughout the facility. By maintaining the appropriate temperature and air quality, industrial ductwork helps keep employees healthy, and equipment functioning as it should.

Industrial facilities can be tough places to work. Without proper duct systems in place, employees risk their health and productivity. Harsh, unpleasant environments can quickly take a toll on workers, causing issues like sickness and decreased motivation.

But it’s not just about keeping employees comfortable–it’s also about meeting regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Choosing to ignore these regulations can come with serious legal consequences. It’s crucial for industrial ductwork to adhere to strict regulations and codes, not only for the safety of workers but also to ensure compliance with environmental standards.

The design and installation of ductwork has a direct impact on the release of pollutants, fumes, and hazardous gasses. By properly designing and installing ductwork, the chance of these substances escaping into the working environment is greatly reduced, creating a safer and more comfortable workplace for all involved.

Industrial Ductwork as part of a Ventilation systemIndustrial Ductwork Applications

Industrial ductwork systems are complex pieces of machinery that play a critical role in the overall performance of a facility or factory. Each piece of the system, including straight ducts, elbows, reducers, dampers, access doors, and connectors, is expertly crafted and carefully installed to ensure optimal airflow and reduce resistance.

From keeping rooms at the right temperature for food storage to keeping the air clean in pharmaceutical facilities, industrial ductwork is an essential component in countless practices. This type of ductwork can serve a variety of purposes, such as ventilating workspaces, removing airborne contaminants, cooling equipment, and functioning as part of exhaust systems.

Having a functional and reliable system in place can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth operation and overall success in demanding industries.

Storee Construction has decades of experience working with industrial ductwork throughout the Midwest and across a variety of applications. When it comes to designing and fabricating industrial ductwork, there are a lot of factors to consider. Ensuring that the air or gas flow is efficient and the energy consumption is minimized is key.

This requires taking into account air volume requirements, pressure drop, temperature, and the type of substances being conveyed. With careful design and consideration, a well-built ductwork system can make all the difference in optimizing productivity, minimizing energy waste, and keeping the environment free of pollutants.

Work With Experienced Industrial Duct Professionals

From engineering an entire ductwork system to fabricating custom hoods to meet your specifications, Storee Construction will design-build an HVAC system for any kind of environment. Most ducts and fittings are made from stainless steel to promote easy maintenance and durable operation.

Use our experience and expertise to create ventilation to remove high temperatures for safety reasons or for fabricating ductwork for heavy-duty applications. If you’re expanding your facility and need custom-fabricated metal ducts, reach out to Storee Construction today to see how we can help.