Industrial exhaust fans are essential pieces of equipment used to control and manage the environment within industrial spaces. This type of fan, sometimes referred to as an industrial ventilation system, is designed to regulate airflow, temperature, and other environmental factors in order to create a safe and comfortable workplace.

Industrial exhaust fans help reduce interior air pollution by pulling contaminants away from people and machines. They improve air quality by introducing fresh outside air into the space and decrease humidity levels which can be damaging to electronic components. When hazardous gasses are present, industrial exhaust fans will remove or scrub the air of these contaminants.

Industrial Exhaust Fan Options

There are several types of industrial exhaust fans available, including centrifugal fans and axial flow fans. Centrifugal fans have a rotating impeller that draws air in and moves it through the fan body. This type of fan is more efficient than axial fans due to its ability to draw more air, but they are noisier and require more power. On the other hand, axial flow fans are quieter and consume less power, but they have a limited airflow rate and can’t handle large volumes of air.

In addition to these two main types of exhaust fans, there are also several variants such as backward or forward curved blades, trefoil or double-deflection ventilators, roof extractors, wall-mounted centrifugal models, inline duct fans, pick-up hoods and pedestal fans that can be tailored to specific industrial needs. The design of an industrial exhaust fan should take into consideration the type and size of the space, airflow requirements, and noise levels.

When you work with Storee Construction, we’ll take the time to understand your needs, the safety of your facility, and regulations that must be met when we engineer your system. Exhaust fans in a silicon wafer factory will be much different than a food processing facility.

We’ll also consider the energy efficiency rating (EER) of the system you want, which measures how much electricity a fan uses in relation to how much air it moves. An efficient motor will use less energy and save money on operational costs in the long run. So not only are you making your plant more comfortable, you can save some money in the process too.

Industrial Exhaust Fan Maintenance

Storee Construction will also keep your ventilation systems properly maintained to ensure they run at peak performance. A serviced system reduces the risk of fire by ensuring that combustible materials do not accumulate in hazardous concentrations around the fan. It also helps extend the life of an exhaust fan, providing cost savings over time since repairs and replacements can be expensive.

Maintained industrial exhaust fans will run more quietly than those that have been neglected and will be more energy efficient. Regular maintenance of industrial exhaust fans is essential to ensure their safe operation and maximize energy efficiency and cost savings. Doing so can help protect workers from hazardous conditions while saving time and money in the long run.

Overall, industrial exhaust fans play an important role in keeping workers safe and efficient by providing a healthy and comfortable working environment. With the right type of fan and experienced installation, you can ensure that your workplace is free from hazardous gasses, dust particles, and other pollutants.