Primarily used in the food industry, there is a wide range of applications for industrial fillers. Storee Construction installs, modifies, and services both gravity-fed and pressure-fed filler machines in facilities that need efficient, accurate, and safe packaging equipment. Condiment, chemical, and cola companies all use fillers at some point.

There is a wide range of designs, styles, and sizes of fillers that work with cans, bottles, trays, and other containers. Automotive fluids, prepackaged fruits and vegetables, aerosol cans, caulking, wet pet food, and a host of other products are packaged using filling machines.

Gravity Fillers

Programmed to release specific amounts of liquids at specific intervals, automated gravity fillers feature an elevated tank that empties into a series of nozzles. Because gravity is doing the work, these machines are better equipped for low viscosity products like water, ink, liquid cleaning products, and other free-flowing materials. Nozzles are designed to reduce drips and control foaming if that’s a concern.

Pump/Piston Fillers

These filling systems draw in a specific amount of materials and then release that material into a waiting container. Piston fillers use a piston to pull the materials into a cylinder and then push the materials out. Pump fillers are programmed to fill containers at specific intervals. These fillers are used for materials that need help moving, such as thicker liquids or liquids that have particulates.

Overflow Filling

Instead of a preset amount of materials, this equipment is programmed to fill a container to a certain point. This means you can use it with a variety of container sizes without having to make adjustments to the machine.

Net Weight Fillers

Instead of a set amount of material or how large the container is, net weight fillers rely on scales for operation.

Most fillers can be automated or semi-automated, controlled by an interface, and made of stainless steel for cleanliness, especially when it comes to food processing. But fillers can be used for a wide variety of products and viscosities.

Production Line Improvements

If you’re looking to improve production times, expand operations, build a new facility, or upgrade your current plant, Storee Construction incorporates fillers to help improve your production times. We used in concert with conveyors, weighing systems, and packaging systems, Storee construction can design-build a highly-automated process for your facility.

As a commercial construction operation, we’ve spent more than six decades improving existing operations as well as building from the ground up. When adding new equipment, such as an industrial filler, it’s important to look at the entire production line to see where efficiencies can be improved.

Storee Construction looks at your entire production process and designs floor plans that make the most of your space, recommends possible additions, and keeps downtime to a minimum by working around your schedule. Have a need for a filler or other production equipment? Reach out to Storee Construction to see how we can make your facility that much more streamlined.