The floor of your facility probably doesn’t get a lot of thought – until there’s an issue with it. While industrial concrete flooring itself is designed to handle heavy traffic, accidents happen, resulting in small chips, cracks, and other imperfections. Over time, those minor flaws can grow into bigger issues.

High traffic areas can also erode the floor surface, which can weaken the integrity of the floor. Slippery floors can cause a lot of problems in buildings that deal with a lot of moisture. Food and beverage processing plants where equipment is constantly being cleaned will deal with a lot of water on the floor for example.

A high-quality industrial coating can also protect your concrete floors from high-impact damage caused by falling product, heavy machinery, and moveable equipment. Floor coatings protect your investment and help extend the life of your concrete floors in your industrial, commercial, or manufacturing building flooring.

A clean, smooth surface is much easier for forklifts and other equipment to move about the facility. When it’s done right, high-performance coating systems can also add an extra layer of safety for your employees, too. With heavy-duty slip-resistant flooring, you’ll deal with fewer accidents and improve productivity.

Easy Maintenance
Epoxy floor coating products can also make it easier for cleaning. When applied correctly, industrial epoxy flooring will fill and cover small nooks and crannies that can affect cleaning efforts. These flooring systems provide a virtually maintenance-free surface for easy care.

Floor coatings can also preserve any markings or other signage you may have on your floors. Numbering systems on warehouse floors, safety notations in hazardous areas, driveways for equipment, walkways, and other markings are protected for years without the need for reapplication.

Aesthetics aren’t usually a big concern when it comes to machine shop flooring and other industrial situations. But if you have a lobby or other areas of your facility that see a lot of visitors, there are many floor coating options that can improve the appearance of your factory flooring. Flooring solutions come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Work With Experience

Storee Construction has been offering industrial solutions to help increase productivity and promote safety for more than six decades. We take the time to understand what your facility needs and design-build solutions for both existing structures and new construction needs.

Contact us today if your industrial concrete flooring is in disrepair or you want to improve the look of public-facing areas in your facility. Storee also performs facility safety audits, production upgrades, plant relocations, and other plant improvements to help with efficiency and improve productivity.