Industrial ovens are used for a wide variety of applications, including food processing, chemical processing, automotive, and more. These heated chambers are used to bake, cure, or simply dry out parts or components of various products. This could be protective veneers, paint, or other coatings.

When used in conjunction with conveyor belt systems, industrial ovens and furnaces can help speed the production, manufacturing, or processing procedures. These ovens can reach temperatures well in excess of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, so heavy-duty construction is a must.

Different Types of Industrial Ovens

Curing Ovens – Curing is the process when heat is needed to speed a chemical reaction. This occurs most commonly with adhesives or when paint color is applied to materials to prevent chipping. Other coatings are then used to protect the paint from fading too quickly. This is all done through heating air to specific temps.

Drying Ovens – When there can be no moisture present when working with raw materials, drying ovens are used. In most cases, this is a three-step process: Heat, soak, and cool down. Different materials require specific temperatures and time periods in order to dry out completely. Once that occurs, the materials “soak” for a period of time to continue the drying process.

Continuous Ovens – Conveyor ovens are continually heating raw materials. Ideal for processing large amounts of raw materials at the same time, they may incorporate cooling chambers to bring temps down to manageable levels for the rest of the processing operation.

Batch Ovens – Sometimes referred to as walk-in ovens or cabinet ovens because materials or products are brought in at different times to facilitate different heating times. The “batches” are usually placed in racks or carts, placed into the heat processing oven, and then retrieved at predetermined intervals.

There are also custom load ovens including laboratory ovens for sterilizing medical equipment, clean room ovens for creating components for the technology sector, heat treating ovens for precast concrete, and more. Storee Construction stays up to date on these technologies to better serve our clients.

Customized Solutions

With our design-build capabilities, Storee Construction can improve the efficiency of your curing, baking, drying, and other custom oven needs as part of your production line. Whether it’s upgrading your current production lines, expanding your operation, or building from the ground up, we consider the entire process before designing solutions that best fit your needs.

This could include moving existing machinery, reimagining the floor plan, or recommending key upgrades to the facility. Our production upgrades include incorporating new equipment, updating electrical systems for automation, changing the floor plan to improve production and safety, and other services.