Industrial piping serves a crucial role in various industries, providing a means to transport fluids, gasses, and sometimes solids between different components, machines, or systems within industrial facilities. Depending on your situation, piping comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and other factors.

Storee Construction will perform an audit of your plant and engineer a piping system that best meets your needs. From rugged external pipes to highly sensitive tubing, we’ll take care of the piping, junctions, holding tanks, and distribution points throughout the facility.

Work With Storee Construction to Minimize Downtime

The most efficient way to inspect, improve, or replace industrial piping without interfering with productivity involves careful planning and organization, and strategic execution. Storee Construction will plan all inspections, improvements, and upgrades well before the project begins.

Our design-build teams will bring all interested parties together to coordinate design, engineering, and construction to cut down on miscommunications and streamline the process. Even something as simple as picking the right time of day to get the work done keeps a drop in productivity to a minimum.

Careful planning also allows us to prepare our materials and equipment well ahead of time. It just makes sense to safely construct certain areas of the industrial piping system beforehand to cut down on time at the site. Because we do all of the work, there’s no haggling with deadlines with third-party vendors or subcontractors.

From start to finish, we’ll perform quality assurance duties and inspections to make sure the job is done right in a safe and efficient manner. We do this to protect our crews, your workers, and the facility itself. Upon completion, we perform thorough testing of the systems to prove reliability.

Industrial Piping Applications

Industrial piping at an oil and gas refinery.Here are just a few examples of the vast range of applications for industrial piping that Storee Construction can implement in your plant. The design, material selection, and installation of these systems are critical to ensuring safe and efficient operations.

  • Chemical Processing
  • Oil and Gas
    Power Generation
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food/Beverage
  • Mineral Processing
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration

Chemical Processing: Piping is used to transport various chemicals between reactors, storage tanks, distillation columns, and other processing units.

Oil and Gas Industry: Transport crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products over long distances.

Power Generation: In power plants, piping systems are used to carry steam, water, and other fluids between boilers, turbines, condensers, and other equipment.

Water and Wastewater Treatment: Water treatment plants carry clean water for consumption and wastewater for treatment and disposal.

Pharmaceuticals: Sanitary piping transport sensitive substances, pharmaceutical solutions, and purified water in safe, sterile conditions.

Food and Beverage Production: Transfer liquids like water, milk, juices, beer, and other ingredients between processing units and storage tanks.

Mining and Minerals Processing: Piping systems are used in mining operations to transport slurries, tailings, and other substances to processing units and storage facilities.

HVAC Systems: In commercial and industrial buildings, piping transports hot and cold water for heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Refrigeration Systems: Large refrigeration systems use piping to circulate refrigerants and carry heat away from cooling processes.

Safety Considerations When Installing or Replacing Industrial Piping

When installing or replacing industrial piping, safety considerations are job number one in any setting. Whether it’s to prevent leaks that can cause slipping hazards to toxic materials that can be deadly for workers, Storee Construction is mindful of all OSHA safety regulations and codes.

We perform risk assessments before starting any project, looking for potential hazards, including confined spaces or exposure to chemicals. When work begins, we will secure the work area and block off construction zones to prevent unauthorized access and post clear warning signs. All workers and employees will use proper PPE during construction.

Ventilation will be required in areas with potential fumes to maintain a safe working environment. An emergency response plan will be put in place to deal with spills and leaks, including but not limited to wash stations in case of an accident. We will communicate these safety measures to all crews during the duration of construction.

Storee Construction: Industrial Piping Experts

It all comes together to give you the best possible outcome for your industrial piping needs. With decades of production upgrade experience throughout the Midwest and across different industries, Storee Construction is the firm to work with for these larger applications. Schedule a consultation today for more information.