Useful in a number of production applications, industrial lead pots and melting furnaces can provide a variety of advantages to your production line.

Why choose lead pots?

Lead pots offer a number of helpful features that can assist with the melting and pouring of lead. Many pots even offer lever control of the upfront spout allowing a specific amount of lead to enter the mold on every pour. Additionally, some pots have an adjustable thermostat that helps to keep the lead at the proper temperature.

These nifty features help to ensure that each and every one of your products is the same. Consistency is important in this business and your customers will appreciate it. Plus, the added consistency comes at a relatively cheap price as many lead pots cost under or around $100 each. This is a reasonable price for a boost to your production line.

Upgrade your production line with Storee

With the construction experts at Storee Construction Co at your side, you can upgrade your production lines to fit practically any number of specifications. By upgrading and staying on top of current production innovations, you can get one step ahead of your competitors.

Concerned about the specifics? Storee provides key insight at the project evaluation stage of each and every production upgrade and installation. Additionally, we assist with both the conceptual and practical aspects of the production line build.

We believe that providing a level of care and precision that goes above and beyond is crucial to constructing a quality facility. Our expertise can significantly reduce project costs, overruns, changes, delays, and overall frustration that can come with any upgrade project. That means that your facility will be up and running in less time, for less money.