Loading dock lights at the top the loading dock doors.One of the most important investments you can make for your industrial, manufacturing, or commercial loading dock area of your facility is loading dock lights. Both on the interior and exterior, proper lighting is key in preventing accidents or missteps that can drop productivity or cause injuries.

Storee Construction design-builds loading dock systems both for illumination and safety measures. We can help improve productivity during loading and unloading, ensuring goals are met while keeping your workers out of harm’s way. Proper positioning is important for optimal lighting with minimal glare as well as preventing accidental contact with dock equipment or trucks.

Types of Loading Dock Lights

Most loading dock lights are fluorescent, though some are still incandescent. Loading dock lights need to be bright enough to allow employees to see what they are doing, but not so bright that they are a distraction. In addition, the light should be directed in a way that does not create glare on the items being loaded or unloaded.

Fluorescent lights come in a variety of colors, from cool white to warm white. Some people prefer one color over another, but there is no right or wrong answer. It is important to choose a light color that is comfortable for the workers who will be using it.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a loading dock light fixture. The most important thing is to find a fixture that meets the needs of the business. Other factors to consider include the size of the dock, the type of materials being loaded or unloaded, and the amount of traffic in the area.

Loading Dock Safety Lights

In addition to loading dock lights that illuminate the interior and exterior of the loading dock, Storee Construction also installs safety lighting to help both workers and drivers. These red and green lights as well as arrow lights help manage the flow of traffic in the loading dock area.

When used in conjunction with shelters, levelers, and restraints, these lights will let drivers know when it’s safe to back into a dock, when they’re ready to be loaded/unloaded, and when it’s time to pull away from the loading dock. Along with other loading/unloading processes that are in place, you will cut down on workplace accidents dramatically.

Work With Experience

For nearly six decades, Storee Construction has been working to improve productivity in manufacturing, industrial and commercial structures, including those with loading docks. We take a holistic look at your existing structure and make recommendations on how to improve processes where necessary.

We also construct plants from the ground, design-build additions for existing facilities, and even facilitate plant relocations. We also improve the functionality of your building through infrastructure improvements, upgraded equipment, and safety audits to ensure your workers are more productive and safer. If you have a construction project on the horizon, reach out to Storee Construction to see how we can help.