A forklift removing inventory from loading dock racksLoading docks can be incredibly hectic as workers move as quickly as they can loading and unloading pallet after pallet of goods, materials, and whatever else the plant is bringing in or sending out. While improved processes can help with this, having a reliable staging area and loading dock racks for materials is key.

Storee Construction helps with your loading dock productivity by design-building dock rack systems that will keep your products ready for shipping and easily get empty pallets up and out of the way. A well-designed rack system will improve efficiency and safely increase productivity.

In addition to interior loading docks racks, we also design-build truck loading racks for tanker trucks and other vehicles that are loaded from the top instead of through doors at the back end of the trailer. Depending on your needs, these loading racks can be outfitted with skids, loading arms, safety cages, canopies, and more.

Interior Loading Racks

With docking racks that can be placed above dock doors, drive-through racks system, push-back racks, and other racking systems, work in the loading area will be a much more streamlined affair. When using racks in conjunction with conveyor belts, productivity increases will be the norm.

Exterior Loading Dock Racks

Along with truck loading racks, Storee Construction builds cantilever rack systems for exterior/interior use to make it easier to pick lumber, piping, and other long and awkward loads. We also build gangplanks, pedestal platforms, and elevating platforms to handle a variety of truck sizes.

Safety Concerns

All of our racking systems are designed with safety systems in place. Fall protection is a paramount concern anytime your crews are working above the ground, especially outside during inclement weather. There are plenty of safety considerations when working inside, too.

Designing Loading Dock Racks With Purpose

Whether you’re building a new facility or your current loading dock is a major choke point in your current plant, Storee Construction will take an overview of your entire operation before making recommendations. Every part of your building, or multiple structures, should work together as one cohesive unit.

Our facility contractors are trained to look at your manufacturing, industrial, or commercial facility as a whole to ensure any additions or changes actually help the overall production. From installing conveyor systems and dock racks to moving equipment and changing floor plans–we look at everything.

Reach out to Storee Construction for more information on improving your loading dock rack systems or even consultation on the processes at your facility. We’ll be happy to walk the floor and let you know where improvements can be made, including upgrades to equipment, wiring, HVAC systems, and more.