A row of tractor trailers lined up at a loading dock to illustrate loading dock restraintsMost loading dock accidents or injuries are easily preventable, either with more awareness of the surroundings, improved processes that keep workers out of harm’s way, or just generally paying attention to the task at hand. Poor communication is also a culprit, but this is where loading dock restraints for trucks are invaluable.

Many accidents around the loading dock are due to the truck driver and dock workers not communicating well enough with each other. There are several situations where dock restraints for trucks can be useful. When loading or unloading cargo, dock restraints help to keep the truck in place and prevent it from moving around.

It can be a pretty scary situation if a truck starts to pull away from the dock with a forklift trying to enter or exit the trailer. Dock restraints ensure the truck doesn’t leave until the appropriate time. Communication between all concerned parties is still paramount, but restraints act as another safeguard.

Loading Dock Restraints

Dock restraints for trucks are important safety tools that help prevent accidents while loading and unloading cargo. Dock restraints are typically installed on the exterior wall under the dick opening or onto the ground below the loading dock. These restraints can either be manual or automatic.

The most common restraints work with the rig bar typically found on most shipping trailers or transport vehicles. Once the vehicle is in position in front of the dock door, the restraints then lock onto the rig bar or are posted up behind the rig bar to keep the truck from moving. Once loading/unloading is complete, the restraints are removed.

Finally, there are also rail systems that can be used to restrain trucks. These systems use metal rails to guide vehicles into position, and they can be either fixed or movable. Restraints are attached to the railings to lock one or more fires into place. These are used on trailers or vehicles that don’t have a rig bar or the rig bar is otherwise unreachable.

For an extra level of safety, a lighting system should be used as well. These lights are placed so they can be seen easily by the drivers in the mirrors. By using these systems along with restraints, loading dock mishaps caused by moving trucks can all be avoided.

Experienced Installation

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